iPhone 6s Not The Only Thing That’s Changed

Apple has launched the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with an advertising campaign focused largely on the introduction of 3D Touch. “The Only Thing That’s Changed”, a 60 second commercial, says that not much has changed except it responds to the touch of your finger, so you can peek into stuff, and pop stuff open, which changes how you play a song, read a text, read an email, read the news. The new iPhone 6s now comes with the option of rose gold colour. American actress and singer Selena Gomez poses for the cameras as she takes a selfie. Bill Hader, from Saturday Night Live, gets Siri to help him with images of tortellini. The camera shoots 4K now. The screen now operates as the flash for photographs. The commercial ends with a shot of three guys taking a photo with Bangkok at night in the background. The only thing that’s changed is everything.

iPhone Selfie Photos by Selena Gomez


Music is Apple Pie by Cameron the Public.

The iPhone 6s Reveal commercial introduces the Siamese fighting fish featured in the moving wallpaper of the new phones, featuring images by Bangkok photographer Visarute Angkatavanich.

“Introducing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus” is a four minute infomercial in which Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive talks us through the new design features. He explains the capacity of the new phone to recognise force, enabling new gestures “Peek” and “Pop”.

Other features include the 12-megapixel iSight camera which 4K video, up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video. iPhone 6s also takes selfies with the new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. Live Photos features captures the moments just before and after your picture and sets it in motion with just the press of a finger. iPhone 6s is powered by the 64-bit A9 chip, replacing the A8 from the iPhone 6. The enclosure is made from a new alloy of 7000 Series aluminum — the same grade used in the aerospace industry. The cover glass is the strongest, most durable glass used in any smartphone. A new rose gold finish joins space gray, silver, and gold. Touch ID has been advanced. The iPhone 6s features LTE Advanced with speeds up to twice as fast as the previous generation.

iPhone Fighting Fish
iPhone Rose Gold
iPhone Bill Hader
iPhone News Boy
iPhone The Only Thing That's Changed is Everything
iPhone Bangkok at night

Apple’s 2016 launch season also includes promotion of the new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, the new Apple TV and Notifications and colour choice on the Apple Watch.

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