IKEA Everyday Heroes

IKEA has launched “Everyday Heroes”, an advertising campaign dedicated to the everyday heroes we all take for granted. A film, directed by Joachim Back, honours the hings at home that usually get very little recognition: the toilet brush, clothes hanger and wall-mounted hook behind the door. Without thinking, we rely on them daily and it’s not until they’re gone that we miss them dearly. Day in and day out, they do their best to improve our lives at home. In return, they’re literately getting spat on, stepped on and put in a corner. The campaign includes a dedicated Twitter channel: @EverydayHero365 where unsung heroes tweet about their everyday struggles and thoughts.

IKEA Everyday Heroes

In the homage, Back brings his spot-on sensibility for visually inventive comedy to the campaign, cheekily spotlighting the quiet struggles of the household IKEA products. With masterful compositions, worthy of a feature film, Back’s visuals transform the prosaic into the epic. The unsung everyday heroes are all given a gloss of grandeur, while the stirring voice of English actor Terence Stamp, almost feel as if Gandalf himself is commanding you to honour your bath mat.

“Here’s to them. The everyday heroes we all take for granted. That’s the last one. Self-sacrificing souls, living in the shadow of others. Here’s to them, who’ve always got your back. Always reach out a hand and always stand by your side. The fearless soldiers who serve in the trenches for the greater good. The reliable work horses who light up your day, day in and day out. This is for them. Those who constitute the true definition of an everyday hero.”

“To really get under the skin of these everyday heroes, I lived with them for 42 years. I’m full of admiration and it feels good to be part of this tribute”, says director Joachim Back.

IKEA Everyday Heroes - Coat Hanger
IKEA Everyday Heroes - Hook
IKEA Everyday Heroes - Kitchen Step
IKEA Everyday Heroes - Bathroom Mat
IKEA Everyday Heroes - Bed
IKEA Everyday Heroes - Light

IKEA Everyday Heroes Credits

The IKEA Everyday Heroes campaign was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors, Stockholm, by art director Adam Ulvegärde, copywriter Joakim Labraaten, designer Martin Joelsson, agency producer Jens Odelbring, senior account director Olle Victorin, digital producers Peter Gaudiano and Jimmy Wulff, account directors Katarina Klofsten and Maria Hallenborg

Filming was shot by director Joachim Back via Anonymous Content with executive producer Eric Stern, producer Brian Quinlan, director of photography Jan Velicky and editor Jeppe Bodskov.

Voice over is by Terence Stamp.