IKEA Assembly Fail

IKEA in Germany recently ran an outdoor advertising campaign featuring four part posters incorrectly assembled, with the mixed message, “Our Assembly Service is Happy To Help”. The campaign came out of the recognition that even though IKEA furniture is not hard to assemble, people can can easily mix up some of the parts and end up putting them all together back to front. It can happen to anyone. Even bill posters, so it would seem.

IKEA Assembly Fail Bed Billboard

IKEA Assembly Fail Shelf Billboard

IKEA Assembly Fail Wardrobe Billboard


The IKEA Assembly Fail campaign was developed at thjnk, Hamburg, by executive creative director Armin Jochum, creative directors Torben Otten, Georg Baur, Bettina Olf, art director Niko Auf dem Berge, copywriter Karl Wolfgang Epple, account managers Verena Harwege, Victoria Linz, final artwork operator Hilko Wiegmann, with post production done by Lucie&Lisann.

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