ICC Cricket World Cup Design for 2015

ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2015 logo incorporates indigenous design features from the two host countries, Australia and New Zealand. Aboriginal and Maori motifs are brought together to show a batsman holding his bat in the air. The logo was designed by Jumbana Group/Balarinji, a graphic consultancy in Sydney, Australia. The ICC received applications for the design from across the world before awarding it to the international agency, FutureBrand, whose Australian arm was invited to produce the logo for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It in turn commissioned graphic consultancy, the Jumbana Group/Balarinji.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The 2011 logo, designed by Sydney creative firm Witekite, was in the shape of a cricket ball, intended to reflect all that is best about cricket in the sub-continent – colour, movement and action. The design was also based on the idea of the supporters and players from the host nations, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, coming together and joining the rest of the world to create a special event.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

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