HP Sprout with Jane

HP is promoting Sprout 3D scanning technology with “Jane”, a television commercial set to the Supertramp song “Logical”. Sprout lets anyone grab an object from the physical world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it back to life. Jane is shown as a creative child whose artistic flair continues to shine as she grows up. However in her work environment she discovers that creativity is not rewarded. Jane’s creative streak is unstoppable however. Watching her own daughter decorating a doll connects her back to a childhood memory and the possibility of new levels of creativity using the Sprout scanner. HP has released a behind-the-scenes video showing the Silverlake Conservatory of Music children’s choir recording the Logical Song.

Jane with shell in HP Sprout commercial


The HP Sprout Jane ad was developed at 180 LA, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer William Gelner, creative director/copywriter Zac Ryder, creative director/art director Adam Groves, head of production Natasha Wellesley, executive producer Erin Goodsell, global CEO Mike Allen, account director Mike Slatkin, account managers Danielle Tisser and Nicole Stokman, chief strategy officer Mike Harris, head of strategy Jason Knight, planning director Anne Heuer, planner Andrew Zakim, and business affairs director Loretta Zolliecoffer.

Filming was shot by director/director of photography Lance Acord via Park Pictures with head of production Anne Bobroff, producer Caroline Kousidonis, executive producers Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Mary Ann Marino, production designer Jason Hamilton and casting director Dan Bell.

Editor was Kirk Baxter at Exile with executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver, producers Lauren Pullano and Tobie Louie.

VFX, design and telecine were produced at The Mill, Los Angeles, by senior executive producer Sue Trojan, executive producer Enca Kauyl, VFX producer Kiana Bicoy, production coordinator Jillian Lynes, shoot supervisor Gareth Parr, 2D lead artist Steve Cokonis, 2D artists Scott Wilson and Tony Petitti, art department Brett Lopinsky, Kelsey Napier, Matthew Dobrez, executive producer (colour) Thatcher Peterson, colour producers Natalie Westerfield, Ali Struck, production coordinator (colour) Diane Valera and colourist Adam Scott.

Recording was done at Eleven Sound by Jeff Payne with assistant AJ Murillo, executive producer Suzanne Hollingshead and producer Dawn Redmann. Sound design and music were produced at Agoraphone by Dawn Sutter Madell.

The Logical Song was written by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies. The soundtrack was recorded by the Silverlake Conservatory of Music children’s choir.