Hovis Good Inside Escape Outside

Hovis, the UK bakery, is promoting the new Good Inside bread range with “Stuck”, a TV advert featuring two boys and a girl riding their bikes to escape out-of-control buildings. Following on from the classic boy on a bike theme of previous advertising campaigns, the Hovis Good Inside commercial uses visual effects to show walls and ceilings spreading through the countryside to accentuate the sense of adventure. As the children finally break free, the voiceover encourages kids, “Don’t get stuck indoors, get outside and take a sandwich”. The new Hovis Good Inside range includes three loaves containing natural Omega 3, wheatgerm and fibre. The Hovis Good Inside integrated campaign includes TV, video on-demand, radio, digital, PR and in-store media.

Hovis Good Inside Stuck commercial

Hovis want kids to get outside having adventures and enjoying a healthy, physical life, rather than sat around indoors all day. And behind every great adventure there’s a squashed sandwich, wrapped in tin foil and stuffed into a backpack. In this exciting spot we see three kids doing everything they can to escape the clutches of a house, who will stop at nothing to keep them inside. Will they make it out? Will the house have its way and keep them trapped in its clutches? There’s only one way to find out.

Hovis Good Inside Stuck commercial featured on Hovis Bakery Twitter page

Visual Effects

Visual effects were produced at MPC, London.

“To get the right feeling for the story that (director) Johnny wanted to tell, we needed to have full control of the way the brick wall was built, what the elements were made of and how they behaved” VFX Supervisor 3D, Anthony Bloor explains. “A procedural modelling and animation system was written to build and animate the walls. With this system the artists had the ability to dial the parameters and have all the elements automatically placed and modelled with physical accuracy. This allowed for great creative control and artistic fine tuning to achieve the directors vision for each shoot.

Thousands of high detailed models populate the house as it builds through the environment, but also much of the environment was enhanced too with everything from the sky to the grass replaced in several shots. The walls had various moods throughout, at first it was able to build quickly and straight, as the kids tried to trick it, but then the walls start to twist and turn, becoming less perfect and building with more and more random items. Towards the end it’s already wobbling, ready to fall over before the final destruction. We also simulated some light dust which helped to add realism without excessively covering the action.”


The Hovis Good Inside campaign was developed at Mother London.

Filming was shot by director Johnny Hardstaff via Academy Films with director of photography Carl Nilsson and producer Annabel Ridley.

Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut.

Visual effects were produced at MPC by 3D VFX supervisors Andreu Lucio and Anthony Bloor, 2D VFX supervisor Adam Crocker, line producer Sandra Eklund, VFX team Steve Oakley, Jessie Amadio, Olivier Sicot, Edward Taylor, Amir Bazazi, Tushar Kewlani, David Filipe, Alessandro Granella, Nick Smalley, K. Gandhiraj, Manjunath Ramakrishnaiah, Monalisa Xess, Shashi Kant Kamal, Sravan Kumar, Abhinandan Madhu, Caroline Pires, Akhil K.P, Martin Joas and Zach Zhao, colourist Jean-Clément Soret, and producer Dionne Archibald.

Sound was designed by Sam Ashwell at 750mph. Music was composed by Tom Player at Wake The Town. The Dvorak New World Symphony track at the end of the commercial takes us back to the original 1973 Hovis Boy on a Bike commercial.