Heart Disease is Heartless

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has launched “Heart disease is heartless”, an integrated brand campaign focusing on the sudden and unexpected devastation of families affected by heart disease. At the centre of the integrated campaign is “Classroom”, a poignant, emotional film in which a boy, Ben, is visited by his father during a routine lesson. Father and son have an emotional, whispered exchange before the Ben’s dad says his final goodbye. A range of online videos and case studies take the campaign further, raising awareness of the importance of research and timely intervention.

British Heart Foundation Classroom commercial Heart Disease is Heartless

“Amazing Dog”, an online video, first appears as a typical home video showing off a dog’s skills with a frisbee, teddy bear and ball. The twist at the end is a serious reminder of the cruelty of heart disease.

In “Calling Home” a couple celebrate their fifth anniversary online, filmed on Skype. As the woman stands to show her partner the flowers he ordered, she suffers a heart attack, dropping to the floor.

In “Alive”, filmed at the Royal College of Music, we meet real people who have overcome their heart conditions and offers hope thanks to BHF’s life saving research to fight heart disease.

“Last Words” captures with aching poignancy the final phrases that people have said to the friend, family or loved one they lost.

The Heart Attack Simulator is a mobile app that asks users to hold their phones against their hearts. It delivers a jolt that isn’t so much physical as emotional. The phone rings, and a chilling recorded message, the kind no one wants to receive, begins to play.

Carolan Davidge, Director of Marketing and Engagement at BHF, said: “This campaign marks the start of a long term strategy for BHF which aims to shift the way people think about heart disease. We want this campaign to give people an emotional punch, showing them that heart disease can rip people away from friends and family without warning. By making people contemplate the unexpected devastation that heart disease causes, we hope to inspire people to donate funds to continue BHF’s lifesaving research.”

Heart Disease is Heartless Credits

The Heart Disease is Heartless campaign was developed at DLKWLowe, London, by executive creative director Richard Denney, creative directors Sean Bone, Mike Boles and Jerry Hollens, chief creative officer Dave Henderson, producers Trudy Waldron and Vanessa Hunt, planners Charlie Snow and James Dawkins, account team Charlie Hurrell, Paul Wilde, and Rose Reynolds, working with Carolan Davidge, Director of Marketing and Engagement at BHF.

Media was handled at PHD.

Filming for “Classroom” was shot by director Tom Tagholm via Park Pictures. Filming for online content was shot by directors Isaac Bell and Richard Denney at MAKE, DLKWLowe’s in-house production company.

The Heart Attack Simulator was designed at We Make Awesome Sh by digital developer Syd Lawrence and designer Rob Hampson.

Editors were Art Jones, Isaac Bell and James Bradley at Work Post. Post production was done at Electric Theatre Collective.

Audio post production was done at Wave Studios.