H2O Challenge on Twitter

UNICEF France is marking World Water Day, March 22, with the “H2O Challenge”, an interactive campaign centred on Twitter. Twitter users are encouraged to extract H, 2 and O from their tweets, and donate funds to the provision of water for children in Togo. Launched in association with the Night of Water, the campaign is online at www.h2o-challenge.com, supported online by UNICEF representatives, volunteers, companies, journalists, influencers, politicians, opinion leaders.

H2O Challenge diagram

UNICEF France H2O Challenge

UNICEF France Found Water on Twitter


The H2O Challenge on Twitter campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil by creative director Cédric Gueret, art director Cédric Auzannet, copywriter Martin Rocaboy, assistant art director Thomas Martinet, project managers Caroline Darmon, Maxime de Marco and Elodie Orosco, social media influence director Catherine Ertzscheid, senior data scientist Siddharta Chatterjee. Production at Prodigious France was by account director Béatrice Heinrich, technical project manager Philippe Lecocq, developer Christian Bazabas. Hosting was by NBS System Media.