Gorillas need all the friends they can get

The Gorilla Organisation, a British not-for-profit focused on the preservation of gorillas across the world, has teamed up with conservationist Bill Oddie to run “Gorillas need all the friends they can get”, a series of commercials. Bill Oddie plays Sir Hilary, a conservationist in conversation with Toby the Virungan silverback gorilla as they play piano, snap, chess and read Moby Dick. The Great Gorilla Run, held every year since 2003, involves hundreds of people dressed as gorillas running, jogging or walking 8km through the City of London, raising money to help save a species on the edge of extinction. The Gorilla campaign is online at www.mygorilla.org.

Bill Oddie in Gorilla Run suit

Gorilla playing piano

Credits for Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get

The Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get campaign was developed at Earl Productions, London, by creative director Tobias Hussey and Bryce Groves, art director Riccardo Sai, illustrator Daniele Vilella, photographer Colin Elves, storyboard artist Daniel Daka and creative assistant Sam Abrahams.

Filming was shot by director Riccardo Sai with producer Tim Earl, director of photography Colin Elves, editor Tom Bober, 1st assistant director Acelya Kancelik, camera operator Oliver Cross, set designer John Beard, makeup artist Jenna Treat, stylists Alessia Tinti and Isabella Genova. Wardrobe was by Costume Boutique. Lighting was by Video Europe. Original music was by Laura Rossi.

Post production was by sound designer/mixer Ludovic Morin, animator Daniele Vilella, colourist Paul Dimond at My Brother Bob, foley artist Will Thomas.

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