Google logos and fonts redesigned

Google is rolling out the 2015 logo and identity family providing a consistent approach to products including Adsense, Adwords, Alphabet, Analytics, Auto, Chrome, Docs, Drive, Earth, G, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Play, Google+, Google Store, Google Translate, Google Travel, Google Wallet, Google Web Designer, OK Google, and YouTube. Headers for Google’s Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook platforms feature a collection of social media icons produced by Beutler Ink. Read on for the background on the new design framework, the Product Sans font and a look at Google’s icons.

Google logo old and new 2015

Google G logo

Google Social Headers by Beutler Ink

The new Google design framework brings together three key elements: Google Logotype, a sans serif logotype that retains Google’s distinct multi-color sequence, Dots, a dynamic distillation of the logotype for interactive, assistive, and transitional moments, and Google G, a compact version of the Google logo that works in small contexts. Colours are Blue (#4285F4), Green (#34A853), Yellow (#FBBC05), and Red (#EA4335).

Google Logo animated gif

See more on the evolution of the brand at Google Design.

Product Sans, the new Google font, reflects the logo’s mathematical purity of geometric
circles, but makes optical corrections for legibility. Geometric forms are combined with the simplicity of schoolbook letter printing. Stylistic alternates for specific glyphs to avoid redundancy in product lockups. For example, the traditional schoolbook ‘a’ has been redrawn with a unique, double-story ‘a’, that is quirky and holds its own against the strong, circular form of the logotype. Ending strokes are at about 45° where possible, with terminals cut perpendicular to the tangent of the stroke. The Product Sans font includes a full set of Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin forms. Noto Sans bridges the gap by providing a broader set of thirty international scripts. Product Sans has been carefully kerned so that Google’s product names can be set effortlessly in every lockup at every size. See more on the Product Sans font at Google Design.

Product Sans font in Gmail Search Calendar and Drive

Product Sans font ending strokes

Product Sans font

Product Sans font ending scripts

The following logos are in current use and will be associated with the brand names spelt out in Product Sans.

Google Adsense logo

Google Adwords logo

Google Alphabet logo

DoubleClick logo

Google Analytics logo

Google Chrome logo

Google Drive logo

Google Earth logo

Google Mail logo

Google Maps logo

Google Photos logo

Google Play logo

Google Translate logo

Google Travel logo

Google Wallet logo

Google Web Designer logo

YouTube logo

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