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Google has won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in the Mobile Category for “Google Carwdboard“, the virtual reality product introduced in June 2014. The Google Cardboard concept, launched at the Google I/O 2014 developers conference for Android devices, makes it possible for anyone to build their own virtual reality goggles. Viewers are able to insert two lenses into the front of their device, a mobile phone into the back, and use apps to play stereoscopic videos.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Mobile Jury President Joanna Monteiro, VP and Creative Director FCB Brazil, said the jury was looking for contenders that “experiment with things” in the mobile space. She said that Google’s virtual reality product was “game changer” that will enable “many brands to engage with consumers at a higher level” in the mobile sector.

Joanna Monteiro, VP-creative director at FCB Brazil and mobile jury president, said that Cardboard won because it enabled a type of technology that was low-cost and widely available. Consumers can build the virtual-reality reader themselves, or purchase it for a few dollars compared to other VR devices with price tags reaching several hundred dollars. Cardboard gave “mobile new possibilities to really change behavior and have a huge impact on consumer life,” she said.

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Google Cardboard - Make it yours

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The Google Cardboard project was developed at Google by a project team including team leader Clay Bavor, concept designers David Coz, Damien Henry and Christian Plagemann, 3-D vision team leader Steve Seitz and visual designer John Wiley.

Coz and Henry first came up with the concept while working for the Google Cultural Institute in Paris. Their 20 percent project was developed in response to a 3D YouTube video shot from a flying drone. The two developers then adapted the cardboard goggles to make it possible for students to take part in virtual tours of museum galleries.

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