Gillette Venus Use Your And

Gillette brand Venus has released a new new video in the Venus Use Your And advertising campaign, following on from the launch in January 2015. The videos feature women reciting poetry, telling personal stories of lost potential stemming from labels, set against a re-mastered recording of the iconic “She’s Got It” song popularised in 1969 by Dutch band Shocking Blue and 1986 by UK dance group Bananarama. A music video in the campaign presents an adaptation of the Venus song performed by New York songwriter Leah Siegel. Gillette aims to use the #UseYourAnd hashtag to spark a global conversation and inspire women to use their ANDs – all of the qualities, attributes and characteristics that make a woman who she is.

Venus Use Your And

“You have limitless potential, you’re more than just one dimension. You are fearless & bold & shy & strong. Empower yourself to break through the limits of one-dimensional labels — don’t be boxed in by one word! Venus invites you to believe in the power of & and choose to show the world what’s within! Your voice, your choice, your &s.”

Venus Use Your And Campaign

“We created this campaign based on what we were hearing from women. They feel that beauty brands tend to focus only on singular dimensions of women – either Super Model or Super Mom – when, in fact, most women are a fabulous mix of everything in between,” said Charlene Patten, Gillette Venus Global Brand Franchise Leader. “Women are limited by one-dimensional labels from a very young age, which leads to significant loss of potential. For example, if she’s labeled pretty, it is assumed she can’t be smart so she behaves accordingly. At Gillette Venus, we believe that all women have the right to achieve their full potential by embracing their ‘ANDs’ and not be limited by any ‘ORs’,” said Patten.

A global survey by Gillette Venus revealed that most women around the world (70%) have felt labeled by others. Those labels can be assigned as young as 10 years old and nearly half of those surveyed say those labels have had a negative effect on their lives (43%). Despite the advances of women in the work place and home, the survey shows that girls still feel being labeled affects their self-perception and life choices.

Through the “Use Your And” campaign, Gillette Venus invites women and girls to recognize their potential and embrace their unique and extraordinary qualities. Several social media executions will enable women to share stories on how they #UseYourAnd and the way they stand against labels that limit their potential to inspire others across the globe.

Venus Use Your And Credits

The Venus Use Your And campaign was developed at BBDO New York.

Filming was shot by director Amy Hill and director of photography Chris Riess.

Editor was Matt Shapiro at Crew Cuts. Colourist was Lez Rudge at Nice Shoes.

Music, “Venus”, was originally written by Robbie van Leeuwin.