Geico Gecko BBQ Awards

Geico is promoting their award for the Best Insurance Mobile app at the IAC Awards (Internet Advertising Competition) with a commercial featuring Geico Gecko. The Geico Gecko visits a barbecue restaurant and chats with the owner about the awards, including the best cracked pepper sauce and the most ribs eaten while calf roping. When asked to produce his award, out comes the award, complete with party and “Whoomp! (There It Is)”, the 1993 hit by Miami bass group Tag Team. “Well, I’ll be. Does that thing just follow you around?” “Like a little puppy.”

Geico Gecko with Best Insurance Mobile app award

Geico Gecko BBQ Awards Credits

The Geico Gecko BBQ Awards ad was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer Joe Alexander, group creative directors Wade Alger and Steve Bassett, art director Pat Wittich, copywriter Dave Ashton, executive producer Brett Alexander, agency producer Liza Miller, associate producer Coleman Sweeney, account director Brad Higdon.

Animation was produced at Framestore by creative director David Hulin, executive producer Luis Ribiero, senior producer Raven Sia, animation lead Seth Gollub, animation team Will Frazier, Tucker Prisco, Francisco Diaz, lighting lead Min Cho, lighting team Joseph Szokoli and Sylvia Apostol, compositing lead Hieu Phan, nuke artists Sang Kim, William Gammon and Mina Mir.

Hieu Phan, Compositing Lead on the ad, talks about the visual effects work done at Framestore.

“We were working with environments that had very dramatic changes in lighting. After the added smoke, confetti, and lasers, the Gecko’s skin was immediately hit with a barrage of colours, reflections, and varying levels of intensity. The detail-rich lighting passes and geometry from 3D proved to be invaluable Nuke assets. We used them to manipulate light direction, and further synchronise the interactions between the Gecko’s reptilian skin and his environment”.