Feliz Día, Hombres

Urufarma Laboratory, a womens contraception company in Uruguay, is running “Feliz Día, Hombres,” an International Women’s Day campaign congratulating men on finally being able to do the things that women can do. “The struggle has borne fruit. Finally men can do the same things as women. Congratulations, men deserve it. Our struggle is for everyone. March 8. International Women’s Day.”

Feliz Día, Hombres

“Our struggle has borne fruit. At last men can do the same things women do. Now you can cry, you can practice spinning, you can dress nicely and drink diet soda. You can watch soap operas, shed tears and spoon without feeling you are betraying a whole gender. You can become nurses, secretaries, cooks, teachers or work in marketing. You can order a salad, drink cocktails with tiny umbrellas and pay only for your half of the date. You can choose who you fall in love with. You can be with divorcees, single moms or with a woman who does not want children. You can end up devoting your life to another man. You can change diapers and comb your daughter’s hair. And at last we can decide togther when to be parents. You can follow your dreams, say what you feel and find your inner selves. You can admit that no, you don’t think about boobs every seven seconds. You can be vulnerable. Congratulations, guys! You deserve it. Our struggle is for all of us. Congratulations, men. International Women’s Day. The Uruguayan leader in feminine contraceptives.”

Feliz Día, Hombres Credits

The Feliz Día, Hombres campaign was developed at Notable, Montevideo, Uruguay, inspired by an opinion column written by Stephanie Biscomb (Twitter @catatonias) for Urufarma in 2014.

Filming was produced at Lado C. Sound was produced at Tono.