Fashion Unites Against Child Labour

“Imprisoned Children” (Crianças Aprisionadas), a print advertising campaign from Abrinq Foundation – Save the Children in Brazil, shows how child labor, often related to the fashion market, is closer to people than you think. Lew’Lara\TBWA invited some of Brazil’s leading fashion photographers, professionals working with major international brands in the world and fashion models to participate in the campaign. Each ad shows a picture that could be used for any advertising piece fashion brand, but when we see the detail, we notice a hidden child trapped inside the clothing.

Imprisoned Child Black & White Dress

Imprisoned Child Blue Dress

According to Fadel Manir, CCO and partner of Lew’Lara \ TBWA, the campaign has its concept aimed at awareness: “The idea is not to criticize the fashion industry, but to call people’s attention to a cause as serious as the Child labor “. The campaign begins in print and then unfolds to social networks, direct marketing to journalists and bloggers from the fashion universe and activations at fashion shows.

The fashion industry has provided numerous scandals involving child labor in its production line. This caused major brands to begin to combat this practice, however, NGOs around the world continue to show that this crime is far from over. A major difficulty is that it is a distant consumer problem and the time of purchase, making few people think about it.

Imprisoned Child Sweater

Imprisoned Child Tunic

Imprisoned Child Pullover


The Fashion Unites Against Child Labour campaign was developed at Lew’Lara \ TBWA by chief creative officer Manir Fadel, executive creative director Felipe Luchi, copywriter Gabriel Sotero, art director Rodolofo Fernandes, art buyers Ale Sarilho, Sabino and Caio Lobo, planners Renata D’Avila and Juliana Bartorilla, media team Luiz Ritton, Mariana Oliboni and Fabian Mattu, account team Maria Pestana and Maira Bandeira working with Abrinq Foundation staff Victor Alcântara da Graça, Yeda Mariana Rocha de M. Pereira and Denise Maria Cesario

Photographers Jaques Dequeker (Black & White Dress), Jairo Goldflus (Blue Dress), Gil Inoue (Sweater), Daniel Klajmic (Tunic) and Henrique Gendre (Pullover). The ads feature blogger Alissa Salls, and international models Caroline Ribeiro and Thais Custodio.

Images were retouched at Arms Images by graphic production team Marcos Pedra and Alexandro Coelho.

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