Facebook Just In Case Studies

Facebook recently launched “Just In Case Studies”, a series of films helping Facebook users navigate their way through the in and outs of friending, posting, tagging and keeping security tight. Each of the tutorials is presented in the context of a narrative. Titles are “How to Block Someone”, “How to Untag a Photo”, “How to Edit a Post”, “How to Share with just Friends” and “How to Change Your Password”.

How to unblock someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone

A young woman marks the end of a relationship by carving out some online space for herself, using a smartphone to block her ex. The film provides a pointer for unblocking a friend, just in case…

How to Untag a Photo

What to do if you find yourself involved in your room mate’s crazy art project and don’t want to be publicly associated with the results…

How to Edit a Post

What to do you’ve revealed the title of your first novel on Facebook and now want to change the title…

How to Share with just Friends

You’ve started learning how to paint and want to share your early results. You want feedback but only from your friends and not from the whole world…

How to Change Your Password

While lecturing you inadvertently revealed to the whole class that your Facebook password is BenFranklinIsSexy. What to do?

Facebook Just In Case Studies Credits

The Facebook Just In Case Studies campaign was developed in-house at Facebook by executive creative director Scott Trattner, producer Adrian Gunadi, creatives Omid Rashidi, James Smith, Nate Salciccioli, Peter Jordan, Skyler Vander Molen, Zach Stubenvoll, head of consumer and brand marketing Rebecca van Dyck, director of marketing communications Jennifer Henry, brand strategist Sheila Thompson, brand marketing manager Brandon McGraw, product marketing manager Merrill Feather.

Filming was directed by Scott Trattner The Factory with producer Scott Kaplan and director of photography Jason McCormick.

Editor was Haines Hall at Spot Welders with assistant editor Oli Hecks and producer Carolina Sanborn.

Post production and VFX were provided at The Mill by chief production officer Ben Hampshire, senior executive producer Sue Trojan, executive producer (color) Thatcher Peterson, producer Kiana Bicoy, colour producer Natalie Westerfield, 2D lead artists Scott Johnson, 2D artists Scott Wilson, Adam Lambert, Nick Tayler, colorist Adam Scott, production coordinator Jillian Lynes, production coordinator (color) Diane Valera.

Music was produced at Squeak E Clean.