Edeka Home Coming

German supermarket chain Edeka is running Heim Kommen (Home Coming), a Christmas-themed advertising campaign featuring an elderly father who resorts to dramatic strategies to bring his scattered family together for Christmas. The ad opens on him receiving a voicemail from his daughter saying she can’t come home for Christmas, and a time-lapse edit shows it’s not the only one he spends alone. His children then receive news of their father’s death and all gather, distraught, at his home for the wake – only to be surprised by the trickster himself, who asks: “How else could I have brought you all together?” The commercial has roused controversy, with some commentators suggesting the commercial has crossed the line from sentimentality into emotional manipulation.

Edeka Home Coming

The #HeimKommen campaign is being featured online, on television and cinema. An accompanying online competition, which picks up the theme of the video, invites users to share their own Christmas home coming moments on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #heimkommen.

Edeka Heimkommen page

Edeka Home Coming Credits

The Edeka Home Coming campaign was developed at Jung von Matt Alster, Hamburg, by executive creative director Jens Pfau.

Filming was shot by director Alex Feil via Tempomedia with producer Justin Mundhenke, director of photography Carlo Jelavic, and executive producer Vera Portz.

The lonely pensioner was played by British actor Arthur Nightingale.

“Dad”, performed by by Neele Ternes, is available on Edeka’s Soundcloud page.


I never told you how, how much you mean to me,
what in the world I would do I just never made it through to you, oohhh to you…

There goes a day, there goes a week,
so many goals I had to reach,
the more I did the less I cared,
the more I missed the love you’ve shared…

If life is a song, somehow it’s sad,
I don’t know the words without you Dad,
you’ve been on my mind, all the time and im missing you…

Home used to be just some walls that i know,
but the truth is that home means nothing without you…

Ohhhh Ohhh-ohhhh Oh-Ohhh
Truth is… my home means nothing without you…