Dulux challenges Colourless Future

Deluxe has launched an integrated advertising campaign warning that a colourless future means a future without the emotional power of colour. The commercial at the heart of the campaign inspires us all to avoid sleepwalking into a colourless future and instead become ‘colour rebels’. Taking stylistic cues from movies set in an utopian future, which are always depicted as colourless and pristine, the film tells the story of a young man (Calum) living in a future world where colour is outlawed. His life as a ‘dome painter’ – ensuring the city stays white – is monotonous, but most strikingly, it is devoid of emotion and spirit. An encounter with a striking young lady (Frieda), the leader of the ‘colour rebels’, takes him into an underground world, alive with contraband colour.

Calum spray paints in Dulux Colourless Future commercial

Dulux Colourless Future commercial with Copper Blush dome

Calum experiences colour for the first time. We watch as he is transformed by the powerful impact colourful surroundings have on emotions and life. Together, Calum and Frieda rally to take action against the colourless world and show their fellow citizens how colour can change their lives for the better. The film ends with a dome painted in Copper Blush, and the line ‘Your Life Is A Story, Change It With Dulux’. Dulux is suggesting that colour doesn’t simply change your physical environment, it also has the power to change how you and those around you live more positively within those spaces.

Colourless Future Online

An interactive extension of the Colourless Future film, on dulux.co.uk/interactive, allows the viewer to explore an immersive world of colour through Dulux. The shoppable film allows users to click-through to the ecommerce website to purchase product. It also takes users on a journey of the ‘colour hideout’ from the TV advert, and at every stage users will be able to click on objects and walls to explore the ‘colour magic’. The interactive film includes a competition element with the ability to win one of 100 Dulux Dog cuddly toy giveaways.

Dulux Interactive site
Dulux Tap Any Colour
Dulux Liberty Blue
Dulux Fuchsia Lily
Dulux Intense Truffle
Dulux Auburn Falls

Throughout 2015 there will be the chance to follow the hero couple on the next stages of their story via the release of a number of product focused films. The campaign will continue with product comms for ‘Travels in Colour’ (a new range of paint colours inspired by beautiful places), The Dulux Let’s Colour Guarantee, Weathershield exterior paint, testers and The Dulux Visualizer app.

Mischief PR will create debate around the brand’s point of view and the film’s premise with a thought-provoking report on Britons’ relationship with colour for editorial media, talking points that earn attention and create debate amongst consumers and experiential activity to encourage people to be Colour Rebels. Meanwhile, AnalogFolk is responsible for social media activity (Facebook and Twitter, editorial content and updates to the Dulux website.

Dulux Life Needs Colour - Eggs
Dulux Life Needs Colour - Shirts
Dulux Life Needs Colour - Pencils

Dulux sent a troupe of colourless commuters around London dressed head-to-toe in white to cover any hint of individuality with the aim of inspiring people to embrace colour in all areas of their lives. Our census reported that over half of us want to be more colourful in all aspects of life, but confidence hinders our choices when it comes to decision making. Despite our lack of courage in the colour department however, the survey found that our emotions are highly effect by it, with nearly half of us admitting to feeling happier when in a brightly decorated room.

Dulux Colourless World Stunt

Johnny Corbett, Senior Marketing Manager for Dulux comments: “We believe that Colour can change more than just your walls – it has an emotional and transformative impact on people’s lives. That’s a really powerful idea, which we are bringing to life in a powerful way; through advertising, connected online with tools and services, and of course through great quality colour that people can bring to their homes. It is a campaign which delivers on what we believe at Dulux, that the impact of colour goes way beyond just what is in the tin of paint, even though that is fantastic too!”

Martha Riley and Nick Allsop, Creative Directors at BBH London commented: “Living in the modern world can feel like you’re being brainwashed with visions of clean, minimal perfection, from the smartphones in our hands to the new-build apartments painted ‘estate agent white’. If we give in to this accepted wisdom, we’re signing up to an emotionless future. Colour is powerful, an act of individual rebellion against a cold, blank existence. Daniel Wolfe is Britain’s most exciting and dangerous young film-maker, and he’s the perfect choice to turn these truths into a thought-provoking sci-fi epic with scale and emotional truth.”

Daniel Wolfe, the director of the film, commented: “We need colour. Better explained with childlike simplicity, as in The Great Blueness and Other Predicaments: ‘In a time known as the Great Greyness, a wizard discovers the colour blue in his laboratory. He soon realizes that Blueness is not so perfect either, and that more colours are needed to make the world so beautiful that it will never need to be changed again. Full colour.’ Maximum security prisons are white. Without colour we’re snow-blind.”

Colourless Future is the second chapter of the ‘Change Your Story’ platform, launched in 2014 with Prohibition.


The above the line campaign and digital experience were created at BBH London by creative directors Martha Riley, Nick Allsop, creative team Richard Hooley and Victoria Jagger, strategist Shib Hussain, strategy director Tom Roach, business lead Neil Yoxall, account team director Hannah Madden, producers Kirsty Dye (TV) and Rachel Wickham (print), working with Dulux senior marketing manager Johnny Corbett.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Wolfe via Somesuch & Co with executive producer Tim Nash, producer Dougal Meese, director of photography Robbie Ryan.

Visual effects were produced at Glassworks by creative director Jordi Bares, senior 3D artists Matt Lowery and Roman Vrbovsky, 3D artists Omar Sarmiento Del Barrio, Vladimir Venkov, Matt Fletcher, VFX supervisor Duncan Malcolm, Flame artists Warren Gebhardt and Ally Burnett, Smoke artist Aleks UgarowNuke, executive producers Stefan Susemihl and Paul Schleicher.

Colour was graded at Framestore. Editor was Dominic Leung at Trim. Sound was designed at Wave Studios by mixer Jack Sedgwick, designers Andy Shelley and Stephen Griffiths.

Photographer was Sara Morris.

Social and ‘always on’ content was created at AnalogFolk.

PR was handled by Mischief PR. Media was handled by Mediacom.