Dreams Replace Every 8 Years

Dreams, the UK bed manufacturer, is promoting the replacement of beds every eight years with “Replace Every 8”, an integrated advertising campaign. At the centre of the campaign is a commercial featuring a couple who go through a series of changes, getting married, redecorating, having a baby, getting a dog, and changing their bedroom furniture. We see the couple’s quality of sleep decreasing throughout the story, as their mattress passes the 8 year mark. The Replace Every 8 campaign is running across TV, Radio, Social Media, digital display and in-store.

Dreams Replace Every 8 Years - Family in commercial

Replace Every 8 Campaign

The campaign comes from the insight that over 30,000 people in the UK are sleeping on mattresses that are over 40 years old. Researchers now believe that this is contributing to the nation’s sleep issues. As part of the campaign, all new Dreams beds will now be branded with a ‘delivered-on’ date to remind owners that mattresses can only support us properly for 8 years, any older and we see serious impacts on quality of sleep, as well as other health issues. The Replace Every 8 (RE8) concept is promoted online at dreams.co.uk.

Filming was shot over two days in reverse to allow for the man’s beard to grow in the commercial.

Dreams Replace Every 8 Credits

The Dreams Replace Every 8 Years campaign was developed at Cheetham Bell, Manchester, by creative director/copywriter Andy Huntingdon and creative director/art director Martin Smith, working with Dreams marketing director Lisa Bond.

Filming was shot by director Phil Hawkins via re:production with producer Phil Greenwood and production designer Paul Kondras.

Music is a cover of Take That hit “Everything Changes But You”, written by Gary Barlow, rearranged by composer Richard Bodgers at The Music Jar and sung by Emily Isherwood.

Editor was Pete Lurie.