Dove Inner Thoughts

Dove France and Ogilvy & Mather Paris have created launched “Mes Pensées” (“Inner Thoughts”), a film released to coincide with March 8th, International Women’s Day. The film sees women eavesdrop on a conversation in which, without their knowledge, their inner thoughts are replayed out loud to another woman. The realisation of the negative power that these comments have, makes them rethink how they talk to themselves in their minds. ‘You are just fat and boring.’ ‘Your bust is too big and your legs too small.’ ‘You have no charm…’ These are just some of the thoughts that French women – the style icons the world looks up to – have about themselves on a normal day. But how would they react if they overheard these comments directed at someone else?

Dove Inner Thoughts cafe scene

The Dove Inner Thoughts idea takes inspiration from a research finding that shows that only 10% of French women have positive thoughts about their beauty. Instead, they are very self-critical. But they aren’t always aware of this because self-criticism is often an unconscious behaviour.

Laurent Boury, VP Dove Markets, explains, “With this ambitious new campaign, we would want to encourage a debate on how women are their harshest critics and make them rethink the way they talk to themselves. We have developed this film specifically with the French women in mind and to showcase their inner thoughts”

Baptiste Clinet, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather Paris, explains: “Dove does not use models or actresses in their campaigns, all women are French and were found through street casting. We asked them to write down their thoughts about their looks and selected the most negative ones, hence the thoughts in the film are verbatim and we asked two actresses to perform those thoughts.“

Juana O’Gorman, Creative Director for Dove, says “We didn’t actually know how they’d react. And that’s always the challenge with Dove: you move forward with the production of an idea of which you don’t know the outcome. That only makes the work richer and more rewarding.“

The film was first aired on March 8th on French TV channel TF1 and on digital platforms – Facebook, YouTube, etc. Dove will encourage women to silence their inner critics and start sharing their positive thoughts about their beauty with the hashtag: #PenséeQuiRendBelle / #OneBeautifulThought reaching number 2 trending topic the day of launch.

Dove Inner Thoughts conversation

The release of the film will be supported by the launch, later in the month, of a print campaign in the French press, based on real women’s portraits and the positive thoughts they have shared in reaction to this film. These positive thoughts will also be used on Dove products, to encourage women to silence their inner critics and start feeling better about themselves.

Dove Inner Thoughts Credits

The Dove Inner Thoughts campaign was developed at Ogilvy France, Paris, by CEO Philip Heimann, executive creative director Baptiste Clinet, creative directors Juana O’Gorman, Béatrice Lassailly Ramel, Florian Bodet, senior copywriter Maureen McCabe, senior art director Lisa McLeod, planners Pauline Desforges, John Stuart, Laure Borot, Rui Ferreira, producer Coralie Cupillard, agency supervisors Maria Gloria Moya, Stephane Orhan, Laurent Chauffeteau and Nadia Lasfar.

Filming was shot by director Pierre Edelmann at Henry de Czar, Paris. Music was produced at Apollo Studios.