Dove Dads for Real Strength

Dove Men+Care has launched Dove Dads for Real Strength, a campaign timed to coincide with the 2015 Super Bowl, celebrating an evolved vision of masculinity. The ‘Real Strength’ campaign celebrates the caring character of today’s men, recognizing how care makes them stronger. The commercial celebrates men who embrace their caring side, which is no longer antithetical to being strong, but is instead the hallmark of modern, well-rounded masculinity.

Dove Men Real Dad

Dove Dads for Real Strength Campaign

“The core of male masculinity today is rooted in his strength of character,” said Dr. Michael Kimmel, celebrated masculinity author and researcher, and advisor in the Dove Men+Care ‘Care Makes a Man Stronger’ study. “Traits like integrity, authenticity, and how he cares for himself and those around him are integral to how a man perceives his own masculinity today – versus physical strength, power and affluence that prior generations may have prioritized.”

“We know that men today are embracing their caring roles more than ever, and that these experiences are fulfilling and strengthening them,” said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing, Unilever. “This inspired us to share a film that shows what strength truly looks like today. Especially at a time when fans are overwhelmingly hearing about physical feats on the football field, we wanted men (and women) to hear at least one voice saying, ‘Care Makes a Man Stronger.'”

The new commercial features the voice of Mike Greenberg, father of two, renowned broadcaster, and one of sports’ most celebrated voices.

“I’ve been covering sports and athletes for decades and I know that the Dove Men+Care ‘Real Strength’ commercial reflects what masculinity really means to men today,” said Mike Greenberg. “I’m excited to finally see this representation of evolved masculinity at the pinnacle of the sports season.”

Dove Dads for Real Strength Credits

The Dove Dads campaign was developed at The Marketing Arm, Los Angeles, by creative director Mark Gilbar, president Tom Meyer, agency producer/account director Meg Quinn, agency producer Ben Greenberg,

Filming was shot by director and editor Rob Meltzer via Stun Creative with director of photography Eric Haase, executive producers Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, head of production Jared Christensen, line producer Richard Sven Shelgren, and editor Dayne Tanokia.

Music, “Big Things”, was produced at Extreme Music by composers Rhian Sheehan, APRA, Tony Morley, PRS and Rachel Wood, PRS

“The key to this project was authenticity. The fathers and their children needed to be real people (rather than actors playing families) who have genuine loving relationships. Using a small team of researchers, we reached out through numerous channels to find fathers and kids whose closeness would jump off the screen. Over the course of the 5 day shoot, we shot nearly 100 kids and their fathers with a small documentary crew. Though we had ideas of what we were hoping to capture, Rob and his team were always looking for truthful moments that happened spontaneously.”