Dove Choose Beautiful

Unilever is asking women if they would describe themselves as beautiful or average in Dove Choose Beautiful, a popular online video filmed in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo. The campaign is designed to prove that beauty is a choice, to encourage women worldwide to reconsider the choices they make about their beauty and how those choices make them feel.

Dove Choose Beautiful

Dove‘s press release reveals that 96% of women do not choose the word ‘beautiful’ to describe how they look. Dove believes feeling beautiful is a personal choice that women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day. Dove is using the power of conversation to encourage women to Choose Beautiful and to feel empowered to share what makes them feel beautiful on Twitter using the hashtag #ChooseBeautiful, or visiting

To inspire women worldwide to choose beautiful, Dove will embark upon a global partnership in 2015 with Women in the World to celebrate feeling beautiful as a personal, universal choice for women. Women in the World is an internationally celebrated summit that brings together extraordinary women leaders and advocates to lead unparalleled discussions about emerging women’s issues. At the Women in the World New York Summit (April 22-24), Dove will host a conversation, The Beautiful Brain, on beauty and choice with top female influencers across a wide variety of disciplines.

“Dove Choose Beautiful urges women to embrace this personal choice, because when we do, it unlocks happiness and confidence that impacts women’s self-esteem,” said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing, Dove. “Women in the World is an influential forum where we hope women will join us in inspiring one another to reconsider the choices we make about our beauty and self-esteem so that we may all reach our full potential in life.”


The Dove Choose Beautiful campaign was developed at Ogilvy Chicago.

Filming was shot in San Francisco, London, Delhi, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo by director Paul Dektor.

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