Cure Kids Team Ball Player Thing

Cure Kids, the official charity of New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks, has become the focus of multimedia advertising campaign, “Team Ball Player Thing”, aimed at inspiring the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup, uniting Kiwis and creating a world without Batten disease. The campaign is centred around a music video in which NZ celebrities sing a “We are the world” style song with lyrics written by children. A 15 minute short film shows film director Taika Waititi along with New Zealand’s finest actors, musicians, athletes and six year olds ponder how they can help the mighty All Blacks win.

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The song’s title comes from a young girl explaining the perfect game plan, in which the All Blacks “should just pass to the other team, ball, player…thing”. Funds raised from donations and the sale of the song will fund research into the treatment and cure for Batten disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that begins in childhood. Accompanying the song and video is a series of video clips showing the project coming together and includes appearances by actress and stuntwoman, Zoe Bell, Youtube sensation Jamie Curry and Sir Peter Jackson.

Play the music video (4 minutes), the sketch and music video (15 minutes) and the Batten Disease commercial featuring Lisa and Katie Archer (1 minute).

Cure Kids Team Ball Player Thing is available on iTunes and Google Play and you can donate to #kiwiscurebatten at and Facebook.

In 2012, Howard-Smith and Griffin teamed up with Flight of the Conchords on Feel Inside (and stuff like that), a song which involved people like Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser and Savage and after becoming the fastest selling single in NZ history, helped raise $1.3m for the charity. Their team of experts worked their magic then, so the team stuck with the same idea this time, asking kids how we can help the All Blacks win and help cure disease, then using their quotes as lyrics. And all the while, All Blacks are dressed as vikings, riding unicorns and making doves and rainbows appear out of thin air.

“This project has been long and hard but along the way, we’ve got to direct Peter Jackson, hang out with Dave Dobbyn and play guitar in his home studio, give Joel Little notes about music, and of course sitting there listening to Hollie Smith, Jason Kerrison, all those guys coming in. And to have Savage hyping Brooke Fraser’s rap, it’s such a great coming together of two worlds,” says Howard-Smith.

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Team Ball Player Thing Credits

Cure Kids Team Ball Player Thing was produced by executive producer Brooke Howard-Smith and head writer Jesse Griffin via Augusto with composer/producer Joel Little and film director Taika Waititi.

The site was designed at Libby & Ben, Auckland. The Donate app was produced by Goodworld. Recording was done at Roundhead Studio.

Actors and singers include Alisa Xayalith (The Naked and Famous), Boh Runga, Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords), Brodie Retallic, Brooke Fraser, Brooke Howard-Smith, Caleb Nott (Broods), Colin Slade, Cory Jane, Daniel Bedingfield, Dave Baxter, Dave Dobbyn, David De latour, Gavin Correia (Jupiter Project), Georgia Nott (Broods), Gin Wigmore, Hika Elliot, Hollie Smith, James Reid (The Feelers), Jamie Curry, Jason Kerrison, Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), Jerome Kaino, Jesse Griffin, Joel Little, Jon Toogood, Jordan Luck, Joseph Moore, Julian Savea, K-One, Kieren Hutchison, Kimbra, Lorde, Marty Rich (Jupiter Project), Matiu Walters (Sic 60), Melanie Lynsky, Peter Urlich, Rhys Darby, Ryan Crotty, Sahara Adams, Sam McCarty (Kids of 88), Savage, Sir Peter Jackson, Stephen Donald, Taika Waititi, Thom Powers (The Naked and Famous), Tom Furniss and Zoe Bell.

Lyrics for Team Ball Player Thing

Verse 1:
In half time
from Bluff to Cape Reinga
And Stewart Island too
we all think you’re number 1, not number two
we believe that you can win
It’s not improbable
remember you’re terrific you’re not horrible

Pre chorus:

We have the Magic if we try,
the time has come for us to fly,
on unicorns with laser beams shooting from their eyes

Chorus 1:
Try a little harder (Run a little faster)
fly a little higher (Score another tryer)
and if you can’t do it just keep
and keep and keep on trying
try and kick it in to the other
person team ball player thing

Verse 2:
New Zealand loves you boys no matter what happens
But just in case, we borrowed Peter Jackson’s dragon
We’ll get magic wands, we’ll get em from a wand store, it’s obvious
We’ll use them to freeze the other team right in front of us

Pre chorus:

You could play the game before the other team arrives
You could literally score hundreds of uncontested tries

Chorus 2:
Try a little harder (Run a little faster)
Fly a little higher (Score another tryer)
and if you can’t do it just keep and keep and keep on trying
Try and kick it in to the other person team ball player thing

Verse 3 Rap Break down

Brooke Fraser:
Look who back making the rap game easy
Miss B r ook to the double O Frazy
you’ll be crazy thinking i stay silent
I love curing kids more than I love stewart Island
We’ve been eating all our veges so we smash ‘em with tackles
We’ve got tank fulls of ham and we got hand fulls of apples
Gigantic robots and ABs dismantle
Thankful that the carrots made their way to their ankles
White doves & vikings swords with lightning
All Blacks running round the field
cause vultures be frightening
It’s magic cause it’s magical,
back from their sabbaticals

Jemaine as a robot:
Yo ABees don’t listen to the kids
ideas they’re not practical

Bridge (Dave Dobbyn)

From Uluru to Wollongong
What could possibly go wrong?
England, France, and Ireland too
Good luck to all of you!

Post bridge sung rap
All Blacks in Jetpacks you know that’s the answer
Training using dinosaurs to make em run faster
Doing what kids told us, on each others shoulders
Imbibing in the vitamins we’re World cup holders

Pre chorus:
You know we have to face our fears
maybe like giant ants or bears
We’ve won it back lets hope the wait’s not 24 more years

Chorus 3: x 2

Try a little harder (Run a little faster)
Fly a little higher (Score another tryer)
and if you can’t do it just keep
and keep and keep on trying
Try and kick it in to the other
person team ball player thing