Consider The Space

New York film director Aaron Kodz and producer Frida Regaza have launched “Consider The Space”, a short film inspired by the original poem, “Consider the Space Between Stars” by New York poet Linda Pastan. The poem, published in the Paris Review in Fall 2014, was the creative spark for creative journey through New York, documenting the brief moments often overlooked in narrative.

Consider The Space - hands

Behind the Scenes

Aaron Kodz gives some of the thinking behind the short film.

“Consider the space between words on a page” begins the poem by Linda Pastan, and we set out to capture that feeling of the moments that make us. Not the events in our life, but the little spaces in between that develop us into who we are. New York was the perfect backdrop, as it is itself a canvas of 6 million stories. Many of these tales do not make headlines, but even the small, quiet moments in our lives define who we are and what we become. “Consider the Space” explores these little moments in life, and the common threads that bind us all together.”

Consider The Space - hands
Consider The Space -beach
Consider The Space - homeless man
Consider The Space - girl
Consider The Space - baby

Consider the Space between Stars

Consider the white space
between words on a page, not just
the margins around them.
Or the space between thoughts:
instants when the mind is inventing
exactly what it thinks
and the mouth waits
to be filled with language.
Consider the space
between lovers after a quarrel,
the white sheet a cold metaphor
between them.
Now picture the brief space
before death enters, hat in hand:
vanishing years, filled with light.

Consider The Space Credits

Filming was shot by directors Aaron Kodz and Frida Regaza via Big Block Live with executive producer Mary Crosse, head of production Corwin Carroll, producers Chris Santiago and Zach Hasselbring, cinematographer Henry Zaballos. Editor was Aaron Kodz. Colourist was Erik Choquette. Sound and music were produced by David Grinbaum.

Narrator was Scott Gentle.

Linda Pastan’s fourteenth book of poems, Insomnia, will be published next fall.

Aaron and Frida previously collaborated on the award winning Van Cliburn Foundation spot, “Reach” as well as many other works with clients such as Castrol and Mountain Dew.