Coca Cola Kiss Happiness

Coca Cola’s bottle centenary celebrations includes “Kissed By”, a print and outdoor advertising campaign featuring Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles being “kissed by” the iconic Contour bottle. Another part of the “I’ve Kissed…” campaign is “Kiss Happiness”, a commercial showing ways the Contour bottle has been a part of life and moments of happiness and celebration over the past 100 years. Inspired by a quote by artist Andy Warhol, “Kissed By” celebrates the specialness of Coca-Cola and the iconic bottle. Coca-Cola connects us across generations and across the globe through the simple act of drinking an icy cold Coca-Cola from the iconic glass bottle, a symbol of refreshment and uplift.

Coca Cola Kiss Happiness

Coca Cola Kiss 1915
Coca Cola Kiss Protest
Coca Cola I've Kissed Marilyn
Coca Cola I've Kissed Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe drinking a Coke and Jane Russell fixing her makeup during a break while filming “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Hollywood, CA, 1953. Photography by Edward Clark. The billboard picture is from Toronto, opposite Coca Cola Headquarters.

Marilyn Monroe drinks Coca Cola
Coca Cola I've Kissed Elvis

While taking a break during his second and last recording session in NYC, Elvis enjoys his Coca Cola, before singing “Don’t Be Cruel.” Photo by Alfred Wertheimer.

Elvis drinks Coca Cola
Coca Cola I've Kissed Ray

Created in 1915 by The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute Indiana to stop the efforts of copycat cola brands, the Contour bottle answered a brief that called for “the packaging to be highly distinctive, recognised by touch alone and identifiable even when in the dark or shattered on the floor”.

Coca Cola Kiss Happiness Credits

The television commercial was created at McCann Spain, Madrid.

Filming was shot by director Agustin Alberdi via Landia and Los Producers, Madrid.