Canon Pixma Never Again Caught Out

Canon has launched a new set of three commercials promoting the Pixma printer, reminding us that relying entirely on digital forms can be dangerous. “Eulogy” presents a priest (James Murtaugh) whose digital tablet drops out halfway through the funeral he’s conducting. “Touchdown” has a mum whose bedroom photos are still on the digital camera she’s handed to her teenage son. “Concert” has a dad whose cracked smartphone screen means he’s in big trouble at the game. “Never again” is the line mouthed as they print off their media. Sometimes it’s better to print tickets, documents and photographs.

Canon Pixma priest with printed eulogy

This campaign follows on from the earlier episodes, “Office”, “Daughter” and “Map”, launched in April.


The Canon Pixma Never Again campaign was developed at Grey New York by chief creative officer (global) Tor Myhren, chief creative officer (New York) Andreas Dahlqvist, executive creative directors Steve Krauss and Ari Halper, group creative directors Stu Mair and Anthony DeCarolis, associate creative director Noel Hamilton, copywriter Reagan Ward, art director Ian Liu, project manager Emma Tonetti, producer Lauren Tuttman, partner Rick Cusato, account director Nikki Maizel and Cristina Fotieo, account executive Genevieve Gray, assistant account executive Abel Flint and senior planner Steve House.

Filming was shot by directing duo Only Child (Mike Andrews and Daniel Mabe) via Vision, New York, with director of photography Jordan Parrott, editors Jesus Sepulveda and Adam Talaid, sound designer Dante Desole and music producer Zachary Pollakoff.