Canal Plus Rugby Team Briefing

French television channel Canal Plus is promoting coverage of the Rugby World Cup by Isabelle Ithurburu and Sébastien Chabal in “Le Briefing”, a short film featuring Canal+ journalists and sports consultants being briefed by a young girl. Set in a team dressing room, we see Chloe coaching Sébastien Chabal, Mourad Boudjellal, Christophe Urios, Gonzalo Quesada, Pierre Berbizier, Pelous, Jean-Pierre Elissalde, Cedric Heymans, Eric Bayle and Thomas Lombard, Bertrand Guillemin and Marc Lievremont. “Seven weeks guys. For seven weeks you are going to comment on the World Cup for my dad. So we give everything and you put your heart into it! Seb, you’re a warrior, not a dancer! I want intensity. Say together, we live together, we die together. Boys, no fuss in interviews! We support where it hurts! We are not there to tell the Three Little Pigs!”

Canal+ Team Talk

The French script

“Sept semaines les gars… Pendant sept semaines vous allez commenter la Coupe du Monde pour mon papa. Alors, on donne tout et on y met du coeur! Seb, tu es un guerrier, pas une danseuse! Je veux de l’intensité. On commente ensemble, on vit ensemble, on meurt ensemble. Les garçons, pas de chichi dans les interviews ! On appuie là où ça fait mal ! On n’est pas là pour se raconter les trois petits cochons! Seb, ta cravate s’te plaît”

Canal+ Team Talk


The Canal Plus Rugby campaign was developed at BETC Paris by creative directors Stéphane Xiberras and Olivier Apers, art director Pierre Boutin, copywriter Guillaume Rebbot and agency producer Isabelle Menard.

Filming was shot by director Jean-Baptiste Saurel via Big Productions with director of photography Matias Boucard, producers Raphael Carassic and Hugo Diaz, production manager Katya Mokolo, production coordinator Nazha Dahmani and production assistant Kevin Soriat.

Post production was done at Mikros Image. Editor was William Houssais. Sound was produced at Schmooze.