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Jessica Sanders, known for her award-winning documentaries and commercials, is picking up recognition for her short film Bunion. Bunion features Avi Rothman as David, the unfortunate soul pained by the film’s wonderously icky titular condition along with Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and Michaela Watkins (SNL, Trophy Wife). Inspired by writer/actor Rothman’s actual bunion, the film explores the comedy found in the insecurities and imperfections we find in ourselves and others. From paramours to podiatrists to therapists, David’s unsightly predicament inspires varying degrees of distaste before he lands on the road to self-acceptance.

Bunion Avi Rothman

Following a successful film festival run (Austin, Napa, Santa Barbara, Brooklyn, and Cleveland Film Festivals), and a premiere at LACMA’s Young Director Series, Bunion was selected to screen as part of Refinery29’s immersive Drive In Cinema Series for 2015 New York Fashion Week. View the film and behind the scenes online at bunionthemovie.com.

Bunion poster


Bunion was directed by Jessica Sanders, with writer Avi Rothman, producer Lisa Rudin, director of photography Matthew J Lloyd, editor Gina Hirsch, composer Matt O’Malley, wardrobe artist Ruby Katiilus, sound mixer Ben Freer. Original poster art is by Steve Harrington.

Cast are Avi Rothman, Michaela Watkins and Alia Shaukat with Misty Monroe, Steve Ireland and Erica Piccininni Brettler.

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