Breast Cream That Gives You Wrinkles

The World Health Organization estimates that 400,000 lives could be saved every year through the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. But 70% of New Zealand women don’t check themselves regularly. So, Colenso BBDO created Breast Cream, a simple moisturiser that makes checking your breasts a part of your regular beauty routine. Simply applying the cream helps you look and feel for lumps and changes that could be signs of cancer. By creating a beauty product, Colenso BBDO engaged women that might normally switch off when confronted with traditional breast cancer campaigns, and gave them a comfortable and tangible way to regularly check their breasts. The microsite,, pointed to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s Breast Cream page (now protected by password). Skin Food, the key partner in the program, still sells the product online at The project won a Graphite Pencil for Direct, Direct Response and Ambient at the 2015 D&AD Awards. The print advertisement, “Gives You Wrinkles”, won a Gold Press Lion at Cannes 2015 and a Silver Clio at the 2015 Clio Awards.

NZBCF breast cream that gives you wrinkles

NZBCF breast cream
NZBCF breast cream boxes


The Breast Cream project was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by creative chairman Nick Worthington, creative director Levi Slavin, head of art Mike Davison, art director/copywriter Kristal Knight, copywriter Rachel Macklin and Hannah Habgood, group business director Sarah Williams, senior producer/project manager Serena Fountain-Jones, designers Jodi Davis and Carla Jordaan, retoucher Reks Kok, digital designer Gene Wheaton, digital planning director Neville Doyle, planner Sarah Oberman, PR manager Paul Gunn, account director Hannah Watson, working with Alex Gage-Brown at Skin Food, Auckland, and Evangelia Henderson, CEO of New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Photography for the Gives You Wrinkles ad, by Karsten Thormaehlen, Germany, was retouched by Sjoerd at Digisense. The photograph “Erika E. (*1910) 2011 Berlin” is part of a series, “Happy at 100”. See the series online at