Bonds Boys in Undies

Bonds in Australia is running “The Bonds Boys”, an advertising campaign featuring two testicles, Rob and Dennis, who know what they want (very comfy undies) and, more importantly, what they don’t want (tired, hole-ridden trunks). The average Aussie male doesn’t think about underwear very often. In marketing terms, it’s a low involvement category. Instead, they happily wear jocks that are old, ill fitting and riddled with holes, only buying a new pair when they absolutely have to. However, talking about men’s undies isn’t the most natural topic at the pub, so Bonds have decided to make the conversation about something closer to men’s hearts: their balls.

Bonds Boys

The first film, “The Boys – Part 1” has been released online and will run across paid and owned social and digital channels, with subsequent instalments being released over coming weeks.

The Bonds Boys Campaign

Bonds realises that highlighting the comfort benefits of a seamless stitch, elasticated waistband, 100% cotton, accessible pouch and the perfect fit simply isn’t cutting it. In a psychological masterstroke, they are hitting men in the proverbials to help them realise the impact a poorly fitting pair of undies is having on their crown jewels. Says Simon Lamplough, group managing director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: “Men’s testicles have to put up with a lot in life. Heat, cold and (shudder) impact all affect them. The least men can do is keep The Boys comfy in a nice new pair of Bonds undies.”

The Bonds blog has a few details on Rob and Dennis…

Rob a.k.a. The Right One

As the lazier one of the pair, Rob, enjoys a chilled life hanging on the right side. While being sporty isn’t really his thing (cycling and swimming – definitely not!) if he has to workout then a casual jog in the open air, where he can enjoy the breathable fabric of a Bonds Active Trunk, is all good in his manhood. Just like his best buddy Dennis, comfort means a lot to him, which is why the Bonds Guyfront Trunk makes him feel #blessed.

Likes: Free time, Christmas (hello new socks and jocks!)
Dislikes: Crossed legs, swimming and cycling
Favourite hangout: Kicking back on the couch
Favourite song: Anything by Barry White
Favourite movie: Failure to Launch
Favourite food: Hotdogs
Favourite app: Angry Birds
Favourite quote: “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”

Dennis a.k.a. The Left One

Hanging a little lower than his buddy Rob, Dennis is the type that likes to keep things neat and tidy. A pro when it comes to trimming the hedges, Dennis is a leftie that loves a bit manscaping. This does mean that things can get a bit itchy from time to time, but anything that helps a fella find the forest through the trees is a bonus, right? Just like Rob, he hates old holey undies and feeling out of control, which is why a supportive pair of Bonds Fit Trunks is his happy place.

Likes: Manscaping, Netflix and chill
Dislikes: Getting kicked, getting cold, and dressing to the right
Favourite hangout: Dropping it like it’s hot on the dancefloor
Favourite song: The Thong Song by Sisqo
Favourite movie: Dodgeball
Favourite food: Mixed nuts
Favourite app: Instagram
Favourite quote: “When nothing goes right, go left”

Bonds Boys Credits

The Bonds Boys campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne by creative chairman James McGrath, executive creative director Ant Keogh, creative directors Anthony Phillips and Richard Williams, senior producer Karolina Bozajkovska, group managing director Simon Lamplough, planning director Michael Derepas, and account director Grant Oorloff, working with Bonds head of marketing Emily Small and digital marketing manager Ryan Wilson.

Filming was shot by director Tony Rogers via Guilty Content with producer Jason Byrne and director of photography Marin Johnson.

Editor was Richard Hamer at HM Creative. Online work was done by Stafford Wilson at Kitset Grafix and Sam Coates at Finish. Sound was designed by Paul Le Couture at Flagstaff Studios.