Bobble challenges Live For Once trend

Seventh Generation, the environmentally minded cleaning, paper and personal care products company, is running a satirical advertising campaign promoting Bobble, its water bottle brand. The “Live For Once” spoof ad at the heart of the campaign introduces a fake brand, “Once”, associated with the one-use trend amongst young adults. The Bobble “End The Trend” push is connected not only with the Bobble water bottle, but also with the Bobble Infuse and Bobble Insulate product line.

Bobble Once pool in End The Trend commercial

“True style is about substance. It does more than turn heads. It gets inside heads, inspires people to think about their impact on the world. Single-use plastic water bottles, on the other hand? Not substantial. Not stylish. Just more waste waiting for the landfill. At bobble, we want to inspire people to choose what matters over what’s easy, lasting style over fading fads. It’s time to end the trend of single-use plastic water bottles. Cost aside, they’re just not cool. There’s a bobble for everyone. Find yours to help #endthetrend of single-use plastic water bottles.”

Once used bottles in End The Trend commercial
Bobble End The Trend commercial


The Bobble Once Water campaign was developed at 72andSunny New York by executive creative director Guillermo Vega, lead copywriter Matthew Carey, lead designer Wei Wei Dong, senior designer Nicole Karalekas, senior copywriter Rosswell Saunders, junior copywriters Ben Wiley and Colin Frawley, junior designer Brandon Mai, junior creative technologist Tim Grover, director of production Lora Schulman, producer Jenny Jones, managing director James Townsend, brand director Lauren Smith, brand manager Jonathan Weiss, strategist Carol Chan, business affairs director Julie Balster, business affairs manager Laura Fraser, working with Seventh Generation CMO Joey Bergstein, marketing director Brian Berklich and associate brand manager Danielle Passingham.

Filming was shot by director Mike Warzin via Cap Gun Collective with executive producer Jason Botkin, producer Robert Mooring, director of photography Alex Disenhof.

Editor was Kim Dubé at Lost Planet with executive post producers Krystn Wagenberg and Casey Cayko. Finishing was done at Black Hole by Flame artist Tim Farrell, graphic artist Reginald Butler and producer Tim Vierling. Colourist was Tom Poole at Company 3 with producer Clare Movshon.

Sound was produced at Sound Lounge by mixer Rob Sayers and producer Mike Gullo. Music was supervised at Music and Strategy by executive producer Jenn Johnson.