Bitter Kas About Taste

Pepsico is promoting Bitter Kas, the classic aperitif from Spain, with “Sobre gustos” (About Taste), a multi-platform advertising campaign reflecting on the way our taste buds evolve over time. The classic drink was created in 1966 by the Knörr family and Dr. Hausmann, a Barcelona pharmacist and specialist in medicinal plants. It’s back this year with the same unique character as before, but a completely new look – and poised to lead the leisure, day-time beverage market as the country’s preferred aperitif. Made with 21 natural plant extracts, BITTER KAS is a rich sensation for the senses, infused with oriental aromas like cinnamon, sandalwood and nutmeg. These, together with the citric notes of orange and a touch of bitterness from the Gentian root, form part of its secret formula and give it its unique flavour.

Bitter Kas Ice Cream

Bitter Kas About Taste Campaign

“Bitter Kas is an aperitif drink not suitable for all tastes. Controversy surrounds it, because of its peculiar taste. There’s people that love it, and there’s people that hate it. It doesn’t leave anybody indifferent. And that’s something you can’t choose. Nobody chooses what to like. Neither how nor until when. So you may like Bitter Kas without knowing it or you may never like it, although you really wouldn’t know it. That is how tastes are, so capricious. And sometimes they deserve an opportunity. That’s what this campaign talks about.”

Bitter Kas About Taste Credits

The Bitter KAS About Taste (Sobre gustos) campaign was developed at &Rosas, Barcelona, by creative director Tuning Dosveinte, art director Núria Pujol, copywriter Carles Gómez, agency producer Patricia García, post producer Cristina Arisó de Miquel, editor Alba Oriol, account management team Juan Badilla and Edu Rojo, working with Pepsico Bitter KAS marketing team Fernando Moraga, Natalia Galdós, Begoña del Pozo.

Filming was shot by director Joana Colomar via The Production Club with director of photography Miquel Prohens and producer Carlos Vidal-Ribas.

Audio post production was produced at Deluxe, Barcelona.

Music was composed at Trafalgar13 Music House.