BAFTA Best Films in Big Reveal

The BAFTA Awards identity campaign for 2015, “The Big Reveal”, is designed to evoke the glamour and anticipation of the BAFTA experience. Developed by London creative agency Human After All in collaboration with illustrator Malika Favre. The campaign includes a poster used in press, online and public transport advertising, along with five different covers of the official Awards program, based around the nominations for Best Film: “The Imitation Game”, “Boyhood”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Birdman” and “The Theory of Everything”.

BAFTA Big Reveal poster

‘The Big Reveal’ evokes the glamour and anticipation of the BAFTA experience,” explain HAA. “BAFTA night is full of big reveals: stars emerging from limousines, beautiful dresses on display, flashbulbs in the darkness, icons stepping into the spotlight, winners drawn from envelopes… It’s also about looking beyond the dazzle to touch the real emotions of the big night.”

Distilling this idea into a single, powerful image was no mean feat. Favre drew on the concept (quite literally) to create an ingenious illustration centred on the interplay between light and dark. “This year is all about the Big Reveal, and what happens in the shadow as much as what comes into the light, so we had to find a visual solution to tell a story of the event as well as [BAFTA’s] heritage with as few lines as possible. We also wanted the image to retain several narrative layers: a bold and striking poster from afar as well as a hidden story when seen up close.”

“We wanted to capture BAFTA’s timeless elegance,” add HAA, “in a moment that brings together bold retro-glamour and striking modern-classic style.”

BAFTA Big Reveal poster - The Imitation Game

BAFTA Big Reveal poster - Boyhood

BAFTA Big Reveal poster - The Grand Budapest Hotel

BAFTA Big Reveal poster - Birman

BAFTA Big Reveal poster - The Theory of Everything

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