Audi Mechanics vs Zombies

Audi Germany has released a new advertising campaign encouraging buyers to make use of their service. “Mechanics”, a television commercial, “Mechanics”, shows an Audi driver being pursued by desperate and unruly mechanics, on his way to an Audi service centre. The commercial drills into the massed mad chase motif usually found in zombie films. The final tagline: ” Damit Dein AUDI nicht in falsche Hände gerät” (Don’t let your Audi fall into the wrong hands). The campaign is designed to remind buyers that the “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advancement Through Technology) promise extends beyond the development and production of a new car. The brand’s aspiration also holds good for customers’ everyday lives when it comes to service.

Don't let your Audi fall into the wrong hands

Silke Miksche, Head of Marketing Communications Germany: “The subject of “service” is of tremendous importance both for the customer and for us as car manufacturer and our dealerships – and yet it has so far not been the focus of our communications. The way we approach the subject is altogether unexpected – emotional, spectacular, epic. In other words, this is truly big-screen stuff.”

Stefan Schulte, Managing Director Creation, thjnk berlin: “It’s fantastic to tell stories – preferably on a grand scale. No matter which medium it’s in, good storytelling is and will remain the most important component of successful communications.”

Audi Mechanics
Audi Mechanics
Audi Hands print ad
Audi Hands print ad

Audi Mechanics Credits

The Audi Mechanics campaign was developed at Thjnk, Berlin, by executive creative director Stefan Schulte, creative directors Siyamak Seyedasgari, Matthias Walter
, art directors Inga Oßenbrügge, Mike Wenzel, Anika Zanter, copywriter Daniel Lamprecht
, consulting managing director Hendrik Heine
, account director Nicole Bierwolf
 and account manager Dominik Schäfer working with Audi Germany head of marketing Markus Siebrecht, head of marketing communications Silke Mitksche and project director Stephanie Köpcke.

Filming was shot by director Sebastian Strasser via Radical Media, Berlin
, with director of photography Roman Vasyanov. Post production was done at Time Based Arts, London

Music is by Raife Burchell (Dirty Soup) and Robert Cairns.

Photographer was Attila Hartwig with retouching done at PX1, Berlin.