Amnesty Australia Syria connections

Amnesty Australia is pushing for human rights for people in Syria with an integrated advertising campaign contrasting life in suburban Australia and Syria. “There’s no such thing as a simple task for those struggling to survive in Syria.” Viewers are encouraged to take action by signing a petition at and donating to Amnesty’s work in Syria at The video has has over 16 million views since its launch on the Amnesty Australia Facebook page on December 14.

Amnesty Demand a Safe home for the people in Syria

Amnesty Demand a Safe home for the people in Syria - bomb
Amnesty 12.2 million Syrians don't have access to food and medicine


The Safe Home for People in Syria concept was developed at Longtail by creatives Shaun Thomson, Tom Bradbeer, Josh Edge, Rikki Burns, account team Tyson Knowles and Lisa Moroney working with Amnesty digital fundrasing manager Eddie O’Laughlin and supporter acquisition manager Jeremy Bennet.

Filming was shot by director Kevin Lim via Filmgraphics with director of photography Dan Freene, editor Max Seager and producer Tracey-Lee Permall.

Sound was designed by Kathleen Burrows at Noise International. Music was produced at Eardrum by Ralph van Dijk and at Forest Studio, Perth, by Andrew Wright.