Adobe Dream On with Photoshop

Adobe is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Photoshop with “Dream On”, a commercial designed to be aired during the Academy Awards broadcast. The commercial places work from Photoshop artists alongside images from major motion pictures that used Photoshop in production, including ‘Avatar,’ ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ and ‘Shrek.’ All the artwork was carefully curated from Behance, the Adobe-owned portfolio community. Artists from all over the world contributed with their most amazing dreams—and their working files with layers. The files were then animated layer-by-layer and frame-by-frame to the original version of “Dream On” by Aerosmith.Adobe is also sponsoring paid online ad placements on Websites featuring coverage and commentary about the Oscars – including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and ABC, as well as paid promotion on Buzzfeed and Twitter.

Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial

Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial - Gone Girl
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial with Shrek
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial with Avatar
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial with The Hobbit
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial with How To Train A Dragon
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial with Aerosmith
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial in 2015
Adobe Dream On Photoshop commercial

Adobe Dream On Credits

The Adobe Dream On campaign was developed at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners by executive creative director Rich Silverstein, creative directors Adam Reeves, Patrick Knowlton, Will Elliott, associate creative directors Sam Luchini, Roger Baran, executive producer Tod Puckett, producer Timothy Plain, director of graphic services Jim King, business affairs manager Heidi Killeen, account director Joel Giullian, account managers Cassi Norman, Chelsea Bruzzone, brand strategy director Anne Faricy, director of communications strategy Christine Chen, senior communications strategist Joe Gruchacz, communications strategist Victoria Barbatelli, junior communications strategist Tara Hughes, directors Brady Baltezore and Mike Landry.

Editor was Grant Surmi at Rock Paper Scissors, executive producer Angela Dorian, producer Cristina Matracia, assistant editor Arielle Zakowski.

Colorist was Chris Martin at Spy Post.

Graphics were produced at eLevel Studios by executive producer PJ Koll, creative directors Brady Baltezore and Mike Landry, producer Luke Dillon, artists Nathan Shipley, Kyle Westbrook, Chad Ford, Jessica Gibson, Karim Fawzy, Jon Corriveau, Devin Earthman, final mixer Dave Baker, Photoshop effects artists Sam Nordemann, Kleber Lacher and Philip Chudy.

Artwork collaborators were Adhemas Batista, Ahmed Emad Eldin, Alex Trouchut, Alexey Romanowsky, Anka Zhuravleva, Anthony Hearsey, Anton Semenov, Artur Szygulski, Bill Mayer, Brian Miller, Chris Slabber, Claude Shade, Clifton Harvey, Cristian Girotto, Damián Domínguez, Dan Elijah Fajardo, David Fuhrer, David Mascha, David McLeod, Edit Ballai, El Grand Chamaco, Emi Haze, Evgeny Kazantsev, Fabian Flenker, Fede Cook, Flora Borsi, Foreal, Gerrel Saunders, Henrique Cassab, Jakob Wagner, James Roper, Jason Seiler, Jerico Santander, Jimmy Williams, jonathan Ball, Jordan Metcalf, José Bernabé, Juan Carlos Paz-Bakea, k2man*, Kittozutto, KJA Artists Fredrico, Kristina Varaksina, La Boca, Leandro Senna, Lucas Zimmermann, Luke Choice, Mario Sanchez Nevado, Mart Biemans, Martin Grohs, Maxim Vasilyev, Mike Campau, Oleg Dou, Paolo Todde, Pawel Nolbert, Peter Stylianou, Richard Perez, Rik Oostenbroek, Romain Laurent, Rubén Álvarez, Ruslan Khasanov, Sasha Vinogradova, Stu Ballinger, Tejal Patni, ThisisMessor, Thomas Koch, Thomas Muller, Tim Tadder, Vault 49, Vincent Viriot, Zaki Abdelmounim and Zooka.

Music is “Dream On”, a 1973 track by Aerosmith.