adidas create your own game

adidas has launched “Create your own game”, a commercial connecting the sports brand sponsorship of soccer stars with the emergence of amateur football. While everyone else is content with simply idolizing their sport heroes, the next wave of creators are busy creating their own game. Adidas empowers athletes to take their heroes off the pedestal and do their own thing. Leo Messi’s brilliance and curling free kicks. Gareth Bale’s dribbling and unstoppable speed. Thomas Müller’s finishing and killer touch. James Rodríguez’s control and golden technique. Mesut Özil’s vision and perfect pass. That’s their game, but what’s yours? The game played on streets, pitches and parks across the world is about making your own impact, about seeing what you want and taking it. Learn how to play like your heroes, but then go out and create something new.

adidas create your own game

adidas Create Your Own Game Campaign

“The game of soccer has changed and we want to celebrate the new, the different, the rule makers and innovators,” Eric Liedtke, Adidas board member responsible for global brands, said in a statement. “‘Create Your Own Game’ is a compelling concept, inspiring the creators of today to push the game forward. It encapsulates the brand’s vision that is relevant to all sports and athletes and encourages creators to think differently, take inspiration from heroes, but ultimately create their own game.”
The new ad is part of the next phase of the Sport15 campaign, which Adidas launched in February with former agency 180 L.A.

adidas Create Your Own Game Credits

The adidas Create Your Own Game ad was developed at 72andSunny by chief creative officer Glenn Cole, executive creative director Jason Norcross, group creative director Gui Borchert, senior writer Jack Jensen, designer Gerardo Oritz, executive producer Sam Baerwald, senior producers Laura Ferguson and Chris Kyriakos, junior producer Michael Quinones, group brand director James Stephens, brand director Matt Rohmer, senior brand manager Ryan Warner and brand coordinator Megan Russell, working with adidas Global Football VP, Global Communications Ryan Morlan, senior director of global communications Lia Vakoutis, senior producer Kristin Mellqvist, director of brand communications Flo Alt and senior producer Penny Pijnenburg.

Filming was shot by director Henry-Alex Rubin via Smuggler, with executive producer Lisa Tauscher, producer Drew Santarsiero, director of photography David Devlin, partners Patrick Milling Smith and Brian Carmody.

Local production was by Philip Bolus at Goodgate Productions (Spain), Time Reinfarth at Tempomedia (Germany), and Drew Santarsiero at Smuggler London (UK).

Editor was Russell Icke at Whitehouse Post with edit assist Devon Bradbury.

Visual effects, design and colour were produced at The Mill by senior executive producer Sue Troyan, senior producer Chris Harlowe, production coordinator Mary Hayden, shoot supervisors Nick Lines, Phillip Maddock, 2D lead artists Adam Lambert and Heather Goodenough, 3D lead artists Nick Lines, 2D artists Heather Goodenough, Steve Cokonis, Andy Dill, Anthony Petitti, Bill Higgins, Ashley Forbito, Robin McGloin, Mike Simons, Justin Gros Desir, Olivia O’Neil, Gianluca Di Marco, Anne-Sofie Tholander
3D Artists: Mike Chapman, Adam Darrah, Anthony Northman, Ed Hicks, Jack Harris, Martin Rivera, Steven Olsen, Monique Espinoza, Jenna Kind, matte painting team Jiyoung Lee, Alex Caldow, Marie Tricart, colourist Adam Scott, colour production coordinator Diane Valera, executive producer, Colour Thatcher Peterson and colour producer Antonio Hardy.