805 Million Names

The UN World Food Programme 805 Million Names campaign, winner of two Grand Prix (Branded Entertainment and Integrated Campaigns) at the Cresta Awards this month, centres on Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović, striker for French club Paris Saint-Germain. Zlatan had the names of 50 people tattooed on his body, some of the 805 million people suffering from hunger today. Zlatan revealed the tattoos by lifting his shirt post-goal during a game between Paris Saint-Germain and Caen at Parce des Prince on 14 February 2015. He was cautioned for his offense against the rules. The next day a video and press conference revealed the story behind the stunt. Media interest in the incident, along with Zlatan’s own social media channels, led to thousands of social interactions and significant engagement with the 805 Million Names site. Visitors to the site are introduced to the people behind the names on Zlatan’s body.

805 Million Names Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The campaign entered on the tattoo artwork on Zlatan Ibrahimović’s body via a short film, photos and content integration across all the major parts of the media landscape, including the use of seeding, important influencers on social media and traditional PR.

805 Million Names Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirtless
805 Million Names Zlatan Ibrahimovic poster
805 Million Names Zlatan Ibrahimovic poster
805 Million Names Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Rahma tattoo
805 Million Names Rahma in Iraq
805 Million Names Iraq
805 Million Names Horsham camp in Iraq

805 Million Names Credits

The 805 Million Names campaign was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, by copywriters Fredrik Jansson and Karolina Widell, art directors Staffan Lamm and Andreas Malm, agency producer Jens Odelbring, digital producer Peter Gaudiano, planner Tobias Nordström, account director Hans Andersson and account executive Martin Johansson working with Marina Catena, director of the World Food Programme for France and the Principality of Monaco.

Filming was shot by director Gustav Johansson via New Land, Stockholm, and Iconoclast, Paris, with director of photography Niklas Johansson, executive producers Erik Torell and Solal Micenmacher, producer Sophie Tamm Christensen, production managers Sophie Helberg and Arnaud Le Méné, editor Robin Siwe and colourist Annika Pehrson.

Post production was done at Stopp/Family, with sound designers Eric Thorsell and Edward Björner. Still photography was by Niklas Johansson and Joakim Rissveds.

The 805 Million Names site was developed by Mikael Holm at Lundgren+Lindqvist, with executive producers Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist.

PR, Social Media & Content Integration were produced at Matter Sweden by Mathias Eriksson, Charlotte Henriksson and Tereza Franzén. Media was handled at BeOn/AOL by Thor Nielsen and Jakob Stigler.

“Tornado”, written and performed by Jón Mór Birgisson (Jónsi), was produced by Peter Katis, with music supervisor André Brink at Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia, mastered by Greg Calbi at Parlophone/XL Recordings.