What if you were invited to your own funeral?

The Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV/IBSR) is running an integrated road safety advertising campaign centred on a funeral for six people known for their speeding. Families and friends invited the drivers to the mock funeral on March 29, held in French and Dutch, where they were able to reflect on the impact of a death on the road. The emotional reality check was caught on hidden cameras in the funeral parlour. The resulting YouTube video, “What if you were invited to your own funeral?”, has had over 2.5 million views since its launch on April 7. The Go For Zero campaign includes sites in French, ilestpartitropvite.be, and Dutch, hijistesnelgegaan.be, from which viewers can send messages to their speeding friends.

What if you were invited to your own funeral?

“They were going to meet up with a friend. At least that’s what they thought. And what it you were invited, like them, to your own funeral?”

Script in English

She had barely started living her life on this earth. Death may be difficult to accept but it’s part of life after all. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this. Some close friends and family will now say a word. “I thought this only happened to others. But now here I am. Why did you have to go? Why you? The person I did everything with? With whom I could share everything? I met you almost 20 years ago. You are the brother I never had. I remember those Sunday mornings. We used to play catch on Mum and Dad’s bed. We still had a list of things to do. In April we were going to Brazil together. It was the night of October 21. The telephone rang. But it wasn’t you. It was the police. Speeding, just this one time, marked the end of you. I cannot and do not want to try and understand. It feels so stupid. You in a coffin. And me even more so standing up here talking to you. My darling child. I want to be strong. But how is that possible. I am a father who is burying his daughter. It is terrible seeing you plucked from our lives like that. You were my friend, my support and my hope. You fooled around again on the road and it was one time too many. Kim, this time I can still ask you. Please be careful when you are driving. I don’t want to lose you. Please never speed again. We love you too much to lose you. Please listen to me. Slow down.” Convince your friends to slow down before it’s too late.


The funeral campaign was developed at 20something, Brussels, by creative director Benoît Vancauwenberghe, art director Jean-pol Lejeune, copywriters Quentin Watelet and Birgit Fonteyn, strategists Jérôme Lefebvre and David Burny, and account manager Bram Van Buynder.

Filming was shot by directors Olivier Auclair and Robert Van Donge via Zoom Production with producer Jonathan Marchal, production manager Céline Speeckaert, managers Thomas Horman and Jonathan Marchal.

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