War Child Surrogaid recruits Virtual Mothers

War Child Canada launched a fictional NGO, Surrogaid.org, in association with Mother’s Day this year, to allow mothers to literally feed, comfort and care for children in war-affected areas. What if you could help mother children in war-affected areas? What if you could virtually reach out and literally provide them the warmth of a mother’s hug? Or rock them to sleep from the safety of your couch? When visitors actually attempt to connect to a live Surrogaid stationed abroad, they’ll be delivered the campaign’s payoff: “You can’t donate motherhood. But you can donate money”. The campaign is online at Surrogaid.org, @surrogaid and facebook.com/surrogaidorg.

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War Child Surrogaid Campaign

“We wanted to make it seem plausible that you could donate the act of motherhood online”, says Stephen Jurisic, ECD of john st. advertising. “But of course you can’t. Only real mothers in these war-affected countries can provide their children with that.”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘Kickstarter craze’ these days,” remarks Adrian Belina, partner & creative director at Jam3. “But as wonderful as all these new technologies are, they can’t solve every problem.”

James Topham of War Child Canada says, “We thought this was a fresh way to remind people just how important mothers are to the healthy development of children – particularly in the context of war. And that the best way to support them is still the easiest – by donating money.”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, War Child is hoping the campaign will connect with Canadians as motherhood comes top of mind. As Mr. Topham says, “By supporting motherhood you’re helping protect childhood, which is War Child’s primary mission. And one that’s only made possible when people give.”

War Child Surrogaid Credits

The Surrogaid campaign was developed at john st., Toronto, by executive creative director Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker, art director Marie Richer, copywriter Jamie Umpherson, producer Cas Binnington, account manager Laura Rodriguez, and strategic planner Laura Robbins.

Filming was shot by director Family Style (Jono Hunter) via OPC with director of photography Brett Van Dyke, executive producers Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault, producer Isil Gilderdale, art director Brad Wilson.

Digital production was done at Jam3 by creative director Adrian Belina, executive producer Graham Budd, producer Greg Benedetto, designer Vinicius Araujo, director of creative technology Mikko Haapoja, tech lead Aaron Morris, developers Elliott Kwan and Alvaro Lemus.

Offline editing was by Mark Morton at School Editing with assistant editor Lauren Piche. Colourist was Conor Fisher at Alter Ego. Online effects were produced at Fort York VFX by executive producers Erin Kuttner and Amanda Lariviere, online artists Ernie Mordak and Andrew Rolfe, online assistant Jason Pereira.

Sound was produced at Apollo Studios by producers Tom Hutch and Benedicte Leclere (post audio), producers Yan Dal Santo, Daenen Bramberger (music), composer/engineer Harry Knazan, and composer/sound designer Armen Bazarian.