Volkswagen Optical Illusion Photography Recreated

Volkswagen is promoting 360° Area View Camera in a print advertising campaign using optical illusions in photography. “One angle is not enough. Volkswagen 360° Area View Camera.” Four trick photos challenge viewers to take a second look: Dog, Baby, Boy and Girl. The low res photos recreate examples of the funny illusion internet meme.

Volkswagen 360 Area View Dog

Volkswagen 360 Area View Baby

Volkswagen 360 Area View Boy

Volkswagen 360 Area View Girl

Reading Dog Optical Illusion

Old Boy Optical Illusion

Sunbathing Baby Optical Illusion

Baby Legs Optical Illusion


The 60° Area View campaign was developed at DDB Espana, Barcelona, Spain, by chief creative officer José Maria Roca de Vinyals, creative directors Javier Meléndez, Pedro Andragnes, Paco Cabrera, art director Aldo Ferretto, copywriter Iratxe Cabodevilla, business director Gorka Lozano, account director Javier Villalba, producer Brigitte Villalonga. Photography by beFree Studio was retouched at Fornós Digital Retouch.