Volkswagen Engineers Get Their Wings

Volkswagen’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial, “Wings”, is centred on the power of German engineering and the that the brand has the most vehicles on the road with over 100,000 miles. The ad begins with an American father telling his daughter that every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings. The resulting day dream picks up on the chaos such a claim would bring to the workshop. Viewers are encouraged to visit Volkswagen of America’s 100k Miles page.

Volkswagen Engineer with Wings and Rainbow

Volkswagen Engineer with Wings in Elevator

The 60-second spot follows up Volkswagen’s teaser “Algorithm,”, a playful campaign focused on the development of a Big Game advertising campaign by quirky and enthusiastic German engineers. The teaser campaign pokes fun at Volkswagen’s perfectionist culture while “Wings” celebrates VW engineers’ devotion to vehicle design.

The iconic German engineers featured in “Algorithm” have run a six-part “Meticulous Engineering” series of YouTube videos, attempting to explain the formula to create the most entertaining Game Day experience, before moving onto a new series, “Waiting For Wings”. During the game they’ll be providing live video responses on the gridiron action.

Volkswagen will launch a homepage masthead takeover on YouTube beginning February 3rd. The “Internet-ifier 5000” online experience will encourage fans to remix Volkswagen’s Game Day commercial with some of the web’s most iconic memes – such as cats and babies – to make the Big Game spot even “Internet-ier.” Several of the campaign’s comedic spots have been turned into animated gifs, available for fans to share online.

Volkswagen of America 1000 Miles Wings Page

Volkswagen Engineer Wings Credits

The Wings campaign was developed at Argonaut, San Francisco, by chief creative officers Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman, creative directors Matt Bottkol and Todd Eisner, head of broadcast production Dan Watson, producer Ted Meyer, president Jordan Warren, brand director Katie Rafferty, brand manager Ryan West, head of strategy Max Heilbron, strategist Marika Wiggan.

Filming was shot by directors Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max (Fatal Farm) via Gifted Youth with executive producer Dal Wolf, creative directors Josh Martin and Ryan McNeely and producer Christopher Broyles.

Editor was Graham Turner at Cut + Run with producer Christina Matracia.

Digital aspects of the campaign are managed by Edelman Digital.