The Flower Effect

The Flower Effect is an online film showing the effect that flowers can have on people, made by Amsterdam creative agency Kingsday for the Flower Council of Holland. The film is directed by young Dutch talent Basha de Bruijn and evokes an archaic and romantic style of cinema. The film shows that walking around with a bunch of flowers provokes reactions from strangers, and effects people’s emotions. Only the two main characters, Sophie en Paul are acting, everyone else in the film are real people Рso their reactions are genuine. The campaign, focused on Western European markets, is online at, and

The Flower Effect

The Flower Council of Holland is the worldwide marketing arm of the cut flower and houseplant industry of the Netherlands.

The Flower Effect Man

Flower Effect Credits

The Flower Effect film was created at Kingsday.

Filming was shot by director Basha de Bruijn via WeFilm. Music is by Helge Slikker.

Media was handled by Universal Media.