Selsun Blue for Dandruff Snow Surprises

Marketing for Selsun Blue Dandruff shampoo in Canada this winter reached new levels of creativity with a set of snow-crested billboards. Ten wild postings in high-traffic areas of Montreal featured images of men and women, placed in such a way to accumulate snow on top of their heads to suggest the effects of dry scalp and dandruff. The text: “Quand les pellicules vous prennent par surprise” (When flakes take you by surprise).

Selsun Blue Snow Billboards

Dave Legendre, account director at LG2, explains that Montreal was chosen due to the city’s history of frequent snowstorms. Winter was the perfect time for this effort, he said, because prolonged exposure to indoor heating tends to aggravate dandruff, making the colder months the worst for those affected. The target demographic for “Quand les pellicules vous prennent par surprise,” is men and women aged 25-34.

“Selsun Blue is a brand that right now has a bit of an older customer base,” Legendre said. “We’re trying to rejuvenate the brand and reach a younger audience in different places, and we felt like wild postings were a good idea. We were on the alert for a few weeks from the time we had this creative idea to execution, we just had to wait for a snowstorm. We had to have at least 15 to 20 centimeters of snow to do it.”

Selsun Blue Snow Billboards


The Snow Flakes campaign was developed at LG2, Publicité Sauvage and Touché.

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