Seinfeld at Clio Awards 2014

Jerry Seinfeld, recipient of a 2014 CLIO Honorary Award, provided a brilliant stand up comedy speech as he accepted his trophy. Seinfeld first entered the world of advertising with his appearance alongside Superman for American Express campaign. He appeared alongside Bill Gates for Microsoft, and recently in an Australian campaign for Greater Building Society. Seinfeld at CLIO Awards 2014 started his speech by saying he loves advertising because he loves lying. “I think spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of hard-won earnings to buy useless, low-quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy. I also think that just focusing on making money and buying stupid things is a good way of life. I believe materialism gets a bad rap. If your things don’t make you happy, you’re not getting the right things. This will all be in my new book, Soulful Materialism, which is in the planning stages at this moment.”

Jerry Seinfeld CLIO Award speech

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