Seeing MS in Photography

Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them. One day they can alter your memory, the next your vision. Striking without warning and leaving no trace, they are invisible. Seeing MS is a global photographic project to visualise the invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The Seeing MS project invited nine photographers to depict each symptom in a single image, inspired by stories of those touched by the disease. Symptoms are uncovered online at With the Seeing MS app, available on iTunes and Google Play), everyone with a camera can uncover the unseen. Photo filters based on each symptom will allow you to see and share how MS affects those living with this mysterious and debilitating condition. The nine best photos for each symptom as voted by the public, will be displayed in an exhibition alongside the nine famous photographers who started the Seeing MS project. In only its first week, the online gallery of photographic interpretations of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms in the powerful new Seeing MS campaign has already received more than 600 images from over 40 countries.

Seeing MS Photo Gallery

For Dimitri Cachia, his body temperature can dramatically switch from burning hot to freezing cold.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Hot & Cold

For Stephen Papadopoulos, a torturous pain leaves him feeling burnt alive every day.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Pain Garden

For Tim Ferguson, he cannot predict if he’ll be able to stand today or walk tomorrow.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Spasticity

For Gerry Hanan, his mind can tear itself apart as it shakes rapidly from left to right.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Brain Fog Self Portrait by Gerry Hanan

For Carol Cooke, her balance can sporadically throw her to the ground.

Seeing MS Photo Gallery

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Balance

For Lyn Petruccelli, her dizziness can leave her nauseous on some days and bedridden on others.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Dizziness

For Emma Giunti, her vision can be threatened by never ending waves of blur and blotches.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Blurred Vision

For Darcy McCann, extreme fatigue forces him to fight through his day with no energy at all.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Fatigue

For Adriana Grasso, numbness can take her hands away at any moment.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Numbness
Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Numbness

For Jessica Anderson, brain fog robs her ability to connect one thought to the next.

Multiple Sclerosis Seeing MS - Brain Fog


The Seeing MS Project was developed at Grey Melbourne by creative director Michael Knox, creatives Rohan Cooke and Laura Petruccelli, business director Claudia McInerney, senior account manager Catherine McDonald, strategy planners Alice Atherton and Harry Steinhart, head of broadcast Sandi Gracin, digital director Teresa Truda, working Jan Staunton at MS Australia.

Photographers were Louis Petruccelli (Dizziness), Sara Orme (Brain Fog), Jamie MacFadyen (Hot and Cold), Andreas Smetana (Balance), Matt Hoyle (Spasticity), Toby Burrows (Blurred Vision), Nicholas Walton-Healey (Numbness), Juliet Taylor (Fatigue) and Garth Oriander (Pain Garden) and Gerry Hanan (Brain Fog). Filters were developed at Limehouse Creative. Designer was Claudia Di Martino.

Filming was shot by director Aaron McLisky via Infinity Squared with producer Morgan Taylor, editor Dylan Duclos and executive producer Dave Jansen.