Second Chance Freedom Calendar for Ex Convicts

AfroReggae, an NGO in Brazil focused on social capital and art, has launched Segunda Chance (Second Chance), an employment agency staffed by ex-convicts. Even after doing their time, ex-convicts are still being seen with prejudice by employers and society. With doors to the labor market always closed, many of them end up going back to crime, whose doors are always open. Segunda Chance was created as the only employment agency in the world made by ex-convicts for ex-convicts, providing guidance and getting people to the labor market. The operation is led by ex-drug trafficking leaders that serve as an example, receiving each applicant in person and getting in touch with HR directors and entrepreneurs to start partnerships which result in job vacancies.

Segunda Chance Board

Segunda Chance Campaign

Segunda Chance has been set up as a serious institution, complete with branded office supplies, tags, an impressive front desk, and an integrated promotion campaign complete with commercials, classified ads and direct marketing. In one year, Segunda Chance had 3099 applicants registered and vacancies for 15% of them in 50 partner companies, such as Burger King, Brasil Kirin and AmBev.

Even after doing time, former convicts are still seen with prejudice by the labor market. Each negative response that an ex-convict receives in a job interview makes him feel trapped to his past. There are so many and so frequent stories that it would be possible to fill in a calendar with all of them. That’s why Artplan and AfroReggae created “Freedom Calendar”: 12 ex-convicts, 365 handcrafted marks and testimonials with stories of each one of them that can be watched on the cell phone. 600 units were printed and sent to entrepreneurs, HR Directors and executive officers in general, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. “Each day of prejudice is another day without freedom.”

Segunda Chance Newspaper ad
Segunda Chance Branding

A special font, inspired by hand inscribed marks on jail walls, was designed for the calendar and associated communication.

Segunda Chance Jail Marks Font

Segunda Chance Calendar – January to December

Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar January
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar February
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar March
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar April
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar May
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar June
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar July
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar August
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar September
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar October
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar November
Segunda Chance Freedom Calendar December

Segunda Chance Credits

The Segunda Chance project was developed at Artplan Group by creative VP Roberto Vilhena, creative director/art director Rodrigo Moraes, copywriter Frederico Cruz, art buyers Vivian Tomaz and Felipe Cunha, producers Bruno Werner, Ronaldo Martins, Davi Vidal, Pierre Queiroz, account executive Ana Julia Damm, account director Flavia Bittencourt, and RTVC Ana Ourique.

Photography is by Aderi Costa, Studio Do Cais. Filming was shot by director Carla Nobre, Beltrano Digital, Fulano Filmes, and Alex Miranda, Trator Filmes. Post production was by Lightfarm, Brazil. Sound was designed by Lucas Duque, Sonido. Graphic designer was Lucas Rampazzo.