Poo Pourri for Santa Claus

Poo Pourri, the bathroom perfumed refresher launched by Bethany Woodruff in “Girls Don’t Poop“, is back in the viral charts with “Even Santa Poops”. What happens when all those milk and cookies catch up with Santa on his big night? He gets busted like never before. Three redhead girls put Santa in his place with a lesson on toilet etiquette. Woodruff turns up again, sitting on Santa’s knee, to encourage viewers to take action. The commercial was filmed by directors Pete Marquis and Jamie McClelland, known for their work on the comedic Hello Flo Camp Gyno and First Moon Party campaigns.

Poo Pourri Santa and Bethany Woodruff

Poo Pourri Santa and Girls
Poo Pourri Naughty List

Poo Pourri for Santa Claus Credits

The Even Santa Poops campaign was developed at World War Seven by executive producer Josh Ferrazzano, producer Mike Begovich, directors/writers Pete Marquis & Jamie T. McCelland (Pete & Jamie), creatives Joel Ackerman and Hector Batiz, director of photography Kevin Phillips, production designer Russell Jaeger, wardrobe stylists Karla Cavalli and Harmoni Everett, hair and make up artist Colleen Hogan.

Editor was Karen Kourtessis at Beast. Sound was designed by Chris Stangroom at Hobo Audio. Colourist was Robert Crosby at Neptune Post.

Cast are Mike Faella (Santa), Isabella Blake Thomas (Sister 1), Ava Devoe (Sister 2), Haylie Di Fronzo (Sister 3) and Bethany Woodruff.