Pinterest Say Hello to Messages

Pinterest has launched “Say Hello to Messages”, an online advertising campaign promoting the new direct messaging system that allows users to have conversations about Pins on Pinterest, igniting the spark of creative collaboration around a shared interest or project. A 2:20 minute commercial weaves together three narratives across the globe to deftly illustrate the creative applications of Pinterest messaging, from the simple domestic tasks to complex technological feats. We watch as one couple partners to create that night’s dinner, a pair adventures on the maiden voyage of a handmade canoe, and one team swaps spaceship concept art to create tomorrow’s blockbuster. The site, includes a set of silent demo videos encouraging viewers to download and use the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Say Hello to Messages

Pinterest Say Hello to Messages - Get Creative Together

Pinterest Say Hello to Messages - Canoe for Two Our Next Project?

Pinterest Share Discoveries

Pinterest Plan a Project

Pinterest Reach Out To Friends

Say Hello to Messages Credits

The Say Hello to Messages creative concept was developed in-house at Pinterest by writer and content strategist Kim O’Rourke and creative director of product marketing Skip Bronkie.

Filming for the Pinterest Say Hello ad was shot by directing collective Strike Anywhere with line producer Laura Smith, directors of photography Michael Gioulakis and Jay Keitel (Japan), editors Josh Rosenfield and Matt Skiar, colourist Ayumi Ashley.

Sound was designed and mixed at Snap Sound.

Music is “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” by Kishi Bashi.