Pepsi Max Test Drive Revenge with Jeff Gordon

PepsiMAX has produced a sequel to the 2013 viral video hit “Test Drive“. bringing back NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. The original video featured Jeff appearing incognito taking an unsuspecting car salesman for a terrifying test drive. Several online writers were sceptical. Travis Okulski from auto blog Jalopnik wrote, “Jeff Gordon did not drive the car and every single person in the video was an actor”. A year later, Okulski was lured to Charlotte, North Carolina, to get a sneak peek at the new Corvette Z06. Jeff Gordon, in the guise of a tattooed ex-convict, picked him up in a taxi for what turned out to be a nerve wracking police chase experience. Okulski fell for the ruse completely.

Pepsi Max Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2 with Travis Okulski

Okulski tells the whole story over at Jalopnik.
“Just as I was able to say with total certainty that the first Pepsi Test Drive ad was totally fake,” he writes, “I can say with total certainty that this second Pepsi Test Drive ad is unequivocally, one hundred percent, totally, absolutely real.”

Pepsi Max Jeff Gordon Test Drive 2 with Travis Okulski
Pepsi Max Jeff Gordon Police Chase Test Drive 2 with Travis Okulski

Test Drive 2 Credits

The Test Drive 2 campaign was developed at Davie Brown Entertainment/The Marketing Arm.

Filming was shot by director Peter Atencio via Gifted Youth.